The non-mod mod for FHZ you may already know


I’m relatively new, I did this on my own and I’m pleased with it, so I’ll share it.

I recently got a FHZ Pulse, and well, it’s too responsive. Cleaning the bearing wasn’t enough and I didn’t want to do the 1 sticker thing. I received a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake for FHZ, which went a long way, but the friction stickers were still making it too responsive. Tonight, I swapped the friction stickers out for silicone stickers.

UNRESPONSIVE JOY! This is an affordable modification that requires almost no skill and easy to install parts. All it takes is a little money and a little patience. Patience for the silicone stickers and/or A+ Beefcake to arrive.

I have an XminusmikeX modified FHZ with silicone response and schmoove rings and that is dead unresponsive.

Now I’m probably going to attack my stock FHZ tomorrow night. It has a clean bearing, so I’m just going to put silicone stickers in there and see what happens. If that’s all it take to get it unresponsive, I have to question why Duncan even bothers with friction stickers. I’m sure there’s a need for the friction sticker.

The FHZ is a great yoyo.

(WildCat23) #2

I prefer 1 silicone sticker and one WORN friction sticker. Just my preference but it plays less responsive than double but more responsive than 1. Also, the beauty of silicone stickers is you only need to replace them ~1 time a year. When my FH2 was stock and I did this to it, the silicone sticker lasted WAY longer than I needed and the only reason I changed it was to try out my custom stickers. My FH2 now runs on Crucial SPR goodness so I can’t confirm the time.


For a stock fhz, one silicone sticker will work better, IMO. It has a rather small gap and no recess so two silicone stickers will make it a little snaggy.