duncan fhz responsive


hey guys i just got a duncan fhz in the mail. whats a good way to make it unresponsive? i took out one pad, but its still tug responsive. also, the extra spacers which are silver, are thinner than the brass colored ones. is this normal?


You can order the Duncan Bearing and Parts kit:

I have a few FHZ’s so I’m planning to order some Terrapin X FHZ Beefcake sets as well as order the above kit.


Hey thanks bro. Btw congratz on becoming an eXpert. I don’t wanna wait for Samhain to come I the mail, so I’m tryin to work with the stuff I have already. I’m gonna try putting thick metal spacers under the ones already there.


Just put the thicker spacers in, chances are, the thicker spacers are already installed. Also, clean the bearing. You can change the pads to Dife-Yo pads. Another option is to recess it. Beefcaking doesn’t make much of a difference and most people prefer not to beefcake their yoyos. And you could always recess it.


Thanks for the video, but personally, I’m not going to do such mods to my yoyos. Why? Well, mostly a lack of proper tools(no AC powered drill, only battery) and not the right skill set.

Regarding the spacers: the FHZ does NOT come with the thicker brass spacers, only the thinner aluminum ones. The Duncan Bearing and Parts kit is super affordable and inexpensive enough for many people to just add into their YYE order. I mean, for me, when I buy a new yoyo, I buy some bulk strings just so I don’t have to pay extra for shipping. Similarly, I may or may not order some small item like response stickers or pads at the same time for the same reason.


The light up FHZ maybe doesn’t include extra spacers, but the FHZs without pad recesses did.


Yup. The off-the-peg FHZ I got had the brass spacers pre-installed. The FHZ I got modified from XminusmikeX no doubt came the same way, but of course, he did some mods and it plays sweet! Both came with the slimmer spacers in the package.

I just don’t have any spare brass. So, I’m planning to order the kit so I have extra spacers.


Apparently you do not understand the TX Wide Gap Bearing configuration.


Not sure what it is. Please give me some insight on that.

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Not a great idea. Chances are you will then rise the actual spacer above the bearing seat and then your strings will catch in the space between the. Edge of the spacer and the spinning outer part of the bearing. Not fun. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.

I beefcaked my FH using the medium size spacers that came in the spare parts kit mentioned above. Cleaned the bearings and removed a pad. Plays great. If you have a Duncan Mosquito kicking around the spacers in that work great, plus there’s the second bearing right there. If you don’t want to wait grabbing a cheapo mosquito from wally-world is a faster and effective alternative.

But that kit is a very useful kit.

Hope I helped!

Throw Duncan!




Ohhh, I see.


Thanks for all the input guys. What I think is working best for me is to use my size a center trac bearing with the brass colored spacers, with 2 pads. One of the pads looks like the wax layer is completely worn off(I’m not sure if it’s wax but it feels like it), and the other one is almost there too. When they are both completely rid of the wax, I think it will be fully unresponsive. If it’s not, I already have the drill setup in my garage from when I satined my 888x and genesis. I can just use that to silicon recess it. I can just useable screwdriver to recess it right?


Use a jewelers screwdriver. And when the wax is completely gone, you won’t even be able to bind. The “wax” is the rubber that acts as the response.


And that’s where you’re wrong my friend. I just wore away the rest of the wax, and it plays perfectly unresponsive. Now that I feel how it plays like this, I may not even go as far as silicon recessing it. Besides, silicon recessing means I can’t play with it for a whole day. I don’t see why people don’t just wear away the wax. It has become my #1 5a throw.


Hmmmm, are you using silicone stickers or friction stickers?


Whichever One is stock. I didn’t swap any pads from when I got it yesterday. I ordered it off yye btw.


wear out one pad or recess it and get a parts kit and put in the biggest spacers posible


Hey guys just as an update, the pads fell out, and I was bored, so I made a silicone recess, and just applied the silicone. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I’ll have a siliconed fhz!

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It has the biggest spacers stock. I suggest replacing one pad with a silicone sticker and playing it for a while.