Duncan Metal Zero

My friend just bought a duncan metal zero. (he’s a beginer.) And even though i told him to get a pgm he got mixed up and somehow got a metal zero. He is ready for unresponcive and better sleepers on his yoyo. I tried it and it WIPES! Extreamly responcive, snags, and i cant even get through a simple combo because of short sleep times. I was wondering how to mod this thing for him to fix all of the above problems. I am looking for a simple mod that will hopefully help these questions, thank you! :wink:

Take a friction sticker off.

im sorry but i cant resist :smiley:

step 1- melt mfhz

step 2- buy a pgm v2

now i got that out of my system, try taking a sticker off like Paolo said :slight_smile:

OK, what I did is take BOTH stickers off and make sure there is NO RESIDUE AT ALL. Then get 12 mm Duncan Silicone Stickers, and put ONE in it. Clean the bearing as well. Make sure you’re using thick spacers. Now throw it for a while and give the Silicone Stickers some time to break in, then it should be unresponsive and awesome! I love mine now. I’m trying to trade it for 2 Velocitys to start 3a, but it’s a great beginner 5a player, and it’s pretty awesome in general. Hope this helped!


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I have a FH2 that’s almost dead unresponsive. I think that it should work for a MFHZ as well.
Here’s what I did to it:

Step 1: Get Supplies
-Duncan Bearing kit
-Duncan Silicone stickers
-Your usual bearing cleaning supplies and lube if desired

Step 2: The Spacers
Open up the Duncan Bearing Kit and figure out which ones are the Pro-String trick spacers. Mine were Blue Zinc. Just refer to the guide included in the package. Replace the stock spacers with the Pro-String trick spacers.

Step 3: The Response
Basically remove both stock friction stickers and use only one Duncan Silicone sticker and wear it down.

Step 4: The Bearings
Clean the bearings as usual. Then apply thin lube if desired.

Step 5: Enjoy
Your Duncan yo-yo should now be nearly dead unresponsive. There might be a few times that it will snag and come back to your hand, but it happens so rarely, you have to tug really hard to get the string to start wrapping around the axle.

Really cheap and basic things you can do. Hope this helped!

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You shouldn’t have to buy a bearing kit, pretty much every duncan yo-yo that uses spacers, ships with several different ones in the package.

Put in the wider spacers, use only 1 sticker… if you can’t play with it like that, practice more :slight_smile: