Plz help me mod my yoyo???????????????????

Hi everyone. I was just thinking if somebody could help me mod my duncan metal zero. So I’ve played with it a little and changed string once. I’m going to put some lube (thin) on it. Is there anything else I should do.

What do you want it to do that it doesn’t already do?

It is too responsive and I want it to do whips and lacerations and unresponsive stuuf like that.

If you clean and thin lube the bearing, and use only 1 Silicone Sticker with some 100% Poly; it should play pretty unresponsive. Mine does. I have the 1st Gen one though. If you have the 2nd Gen, I believe those pads are more recessed, so you should have better results.

Thing you need to remember with most (I say most cause I have not tried any of the Screaming Eagles series) Duncan Yo-Yos is that they come HEAVY lubed. A lot of people clean and thin lube all Duncan bearing before play.

If this does not get the desired response, then you may want to consider response pads cut for larger bearings. It will keep the pad from resting RIGHT next to the bearing (I personally find this to produce less tight binds). Other then that I don’t know what other response related mod you can do with the Metal Zero. As I don’t think you can really increase the recess more then stock. At least I don’t think it safe to, personally.

Don’t lube it just break in the bearing. Maybe put some resesed silicone in and change the string to angle hair.After all that it will be very unresponsive. :wink:

Ok thx for the help I know what to do with it but when you guys say one silicone sticker does that put one on and leave the other side of the yoyo with nothing. Plx tell me ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

That’s what they mean.

You can do that “unresponsive” stuff with responsive yoyos. I regularly do Spirit Bomb, Eli Hops, Brent Stole, and other “unresponsive” tricks with my responsive Spinfaktor HG.

Thx Apetrunk. I now know what you mean 'cause if I buy Apack of 8 silicone stickers after I get done fixing up my yoyo I’ll only have 7 left. Thx for all the help guys.

Some of us enjoy doing Breant Stole on a stock Profly. :stuck_out_tongue:

As already said, one silicone sticker plus a cleaned bearing will give you a nice unresponsive metal zero. That’s how I have my metal zero set up.

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1 chaz pad + 1 stock center track/KK. 100% poly and largest spacer width. You can substitute the chaz pad for a ghost pad?