What is your favorite fhz setup?

mine is a single sticker recess with a cleaned bearing and gold spacers.

Single sticker reccess, with widdest spacers, duncan silicone sticker. It’s how they should just be made. they play great responsive, and unresponsive this way.

i agree

I wish they’d make the spacers a little bit wider so you don’t have to do the “one sticker” thing to make them play unresponsive.

Plus, I wish Duncan would get off the friction/silicone sticker mindset and go with a groove to accept flowable silicone. I guess when I pick up a FHZ soon, I’ll go send it to a modder. Wait, doesn’t one of them already offer these as a finished product?

^^ The Modfather does.

i know i would love duncan if they did that i would rather have a better low quality throw than a bad high quality throw

Wider spacers would equal string slipping.
duncan has several yoyos that have silicone grooves.
I would rather everyone else get off the silicone groove kick and go back to stickers.
and yes, you can basicly buy a siliconed fhz just as easy as a stock one.
Also I’m not sure what you are doing but one or two stickers never changed wether I had an unresponsive yoyo or not.
The response is too aggresive with two stickers on that light rim weighted yoyo. Thus I use one.

Right, and in a color I can’t stand right now.

I mean, why can’t Duncan just redo their molds and offer it as a stock product? I don’t want to see folks like ModFather driven out of business, but it’s obvious he’s onto something and Duncan would be foolish to not try to contact him for a license or something.

Oh wait, Duncan’s milking that 5A patent…

takeshi told me duncan has plans to release stock sticker recessed fhzs later this year.

Not real fond of the FH 0 but I made some “beefcake” bearings that give you a 4.8mm gap.
Just put them in and play. Can’t see paying extra to mod one, just buy a better throw.