duncan fhz unresponsive

i have a duncan fhz and i really want to make it unresponsive, how do i go about doing this(without sili recessing) i have already tried taking off a single pad but it is still responsive…

Have you cleaned the bearing and tried poly string?

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i only use poly but no matter how hard i try, the c clips on my bearing just wont come off

Try getting a magnifying glass so you can better see the clips and try using a different tool to remove them. Sometimes I use a needle, other times a thumb tack, and occasionally I even use an x-acto knife. Always use caution when using sharp pointy objects…OUCH! ;D

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thanks man!.. and i will do my best to not hurt my self lol

Take off one pad


It helps to read the original post before replying, wouldn’t you say…

Are you using friction stickers or silicone stickers? One silicone sticker and a bearing cleaning does it for me. I also always end up cleaning my A bearings with the shields on. Those things are tough to remove.

lol i didnt even know there was a differece between the friction stickers and silicone sticker.

The friction stickers are just that- stickers that add friction to the yo-yo and generally make it responsive. Silicone stickers are smoother, giving you a longer spin and reducing response.

Awww JHB where’s the kid picking his nose?



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