Some quick Duncan Mods

So I have a FH2, FHZ, and a flying squirrel that I was having response issues with. Generally I pull one sticker off and throw the wide spacers in and they play ok, but then after a good day of throwing the one sticker wears off and your left with zero response. After reading on this site and others I figured I needed to get some silicone and start modding.
First I recessed the Squirrel with a drill and a sharpened jewelers screwdriver and siliconed the recess level with the face. Oh and also I found out the Flying Squirrel has a starburst under the stickers. They made it a pain to recess. The 2 FH’s already have a small recess for the stickers and it seems the recess is a little deeper on the FHZ than it is on the FH2. I put a small bead around the middle of the recess area and leveled off with a card and let them dry for a round 16 hrs. I only siliconed the one side of the FH’s so they have the old friction sticker on one side and the silicone on the other, the flying squirrel is silicone recessed on both sides.
I couldn’t be happier, they all play way better then they did before for string tricks. The silicone may not last very long in the FH’S because it is so thin, so I may end up recessing them too but for now I am very surprised on how much of a difference it makes and it was very easy to do.

[b]EDIT: Deleted your comment on where it’s a pain. Please refrain even if you are censoring it yourself.


Just file them off before you run the recess.

Sorry Icthus, I will refrain from now on.