Siliconing FH 2

I just got back into throwing Yo like 4-5 months ago. I’m stuck right now in a Jaw Dropping Amazement :o, lol. The Tricks are so much more Smoother and Faster. And The Yoyos, What more need I say about the Yo-Yos of Today Combined with the Many Styles and with Innovators like Mark Mcbride innovation will go to unbeliveable heights. I have a FH 2 that I leaned how to mod from here in the forums. 1 question though is the recess area on a FH 2 without the lathe or press, just removing the sticker and adding silicone. There are 3 little concave circles in the recess area. I know there needs to be something for the sili to grab to. I figured those circles would be ok, cause thier kinda deep. hell I don’t know :-\

You cannot expect good results with just putting silicone in a non-recessed FH2. I would stick to pads or get it recessed if I were you.

is it the 2010 factory recessed fh2 or a norecessed pre 2010 fh2

kinda of a stupid question, but how can u tell? I bought 2 one clear black and one white. These are what I bought. Um sorry for the way my post look kinda learning all this post stuff, lol.

It doesn’t really matter. Neither the 2010 nor the 2010 models will hold silicone well/at all.

Then how is it that all these Modders put silicone in most of their Mods. I understand I might have to recess it. Some people say the newer one is recessed already and honestly I think I have that model. I’m just wondering if I have to go deeper so the silicone has something to grab. In the recessed area there are 3 small concave circles and maybe the silicone can grab that hmmmm. We’ll see I geuss. :-\

when they say deeper, they dont neccesarily mean for grip. the silicone is so thin in a sticker area that after about an hour or two of good play, the silicone shreds. it isn’t about the grip, it is about the thickness. you want a deeper recess. that is why you should recess it. pleanty of people will do this for a low price

If yo bought these recently then you can’t recess and silicone them. The have a sticker recess in them. That should be good enough if you clean out the bearing.

If they are flat from the bearing to those holes then you can send it to a modder for a nominal fee of roughly $8 - $10 and get it done. Not sure of your age but if you are old enough and steady handed you can get a drill and a jewelers screwdriver and recess it yourself. Check google on recessing a yoyo and you will fine quite a few how too videos on it.

o i c, well I can tell u that it’s the recessed area that those circles r in. No flatness :frowning: oh well. I took 1 of my FH 2 and put some RTV blue Gasket Maker in the sticker recess and all is well so far. Added some weight rings and it throws smooth and the Sili seems tobe holdin out :slight_smile: Also I tried it on 1 side of my Duncan Metal Drifter and it’s real nice. I geuss if I have to I’ll change when need(big enough tube and cheap enough) Beside I just got my real 1st Metal Throw. Just came in the mail ;D wifey got me a 2010 YYF Aqua G5. Real nice. You know when I was in middle school yomega came out with the brain and so on and thats when I was starting out to getting basics and some intermediate stuff down. Moved and couldn’t fine my collection so I kinda forgot. until a cpl months ago when I found my old collection and said hmmm I miss these old things. Did some research on the internet and come to terms that I was way out of date lol. well time to catch up. :slight_smile: