FHZ silcone recess

is there any way to recess a fhz without a lathe or drill? Im planning to mod my old fhz, its gonna be my first mod.

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You could just buy silicone pads instead of friction stickers.

Sold here: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/duncan/stickers/

Good luck! :wink:

I guess it is possible to just drag a sharpened screwdriver along the recess, but it would be very hard and would probably not work well at all.

I would recommend getting a drill or buying one that is modded :wink:

Silicone Stickers won’t make a large difference in responsiveness.

so any drill would work? and how wide and deep should the recess be? thanks for the help!

Yes, as long as it can cut. :wink:

You’re not using the actual drill to carve out the groove though. You are rigging the yoyo onto the drill and then using a small jewelers screwdriver and just let the drill work together with the screwdriver in perfect harmony. Or you can just do this:

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i think i messed up. the recess is too close to the bearing seat, and its too deep. 1 mm away from the bearing and its ~3.5 mm deep. would a silocone recessed fhz be worth it?

That’s all your decision.

In my words, no, not really.

Do you like un-responsive play? If so, yes. If you like responsive play, no.

Siliconed recessed FHZ’s play very well. I played a Glasseye Zero, and I felt that it was one of those yoyos I would rather reach for then my metals.


You could let us take care of that for you  :wink:

I did my recess on my FHZ and it turned out Terrible. Then I looked around some forums for tips, and made it deeper. It turned out so awesome. I even did this tight paint splatter mod so now it looks like a tomato!