How do you silicone recess a FHZ?

Title says it all and I have already seen the video of the guy siliconing on a drill, or is there anywhere where I could send it off?

Will silicone stickers work?

Ask Icthus, and yes, silicone stickers do work.

what is better silicone stickers or recessing it, talking about long term and also responsiveness of the finished yoyo

Silicone recessing will last longer than a sticker any day. If you clean the bearing then it will be totally unresponsive either way.

There are a few modders in Europe. I can help you find one if you need?

What would I clean the bearing with and I might actually try nodding my self, I said I had watched that video of the guy recessing on the drill so I’m gonna ask if I would be doing it right if I did it in the following way, pop the caps off by leaning on the axle
set it up ready for drilling ( what stuff do you use to keep it in place is it all parts of the yoyo already)
make the groove using a jewlers screwdriver
fill with flowable silicone ( where would I get this from )
then wipe off excess silicone

I have changed my mind sort of about sending it away because I woul like to learn how to do it because I would like to start painting clear ghz and be able to use them unresponsively
if this doesn’t work though I will pm you if I would need a hand funding a modder in Europe?

Thanks Cameron

Just find a machine shop and tell them what you want. It will take 10 minutes or less to do a professional job with a lathe. Bring a six pack and show up at lunch time and make a deal.

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A machine shop? and what do you mean i give it t them to do and what did you mean by how up with a six pack at a lunch time???

he means grab a beer or in your case soda or whatever you drink and go to the shop at lunch when the machines arent being used and ask about having them recess it.

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There are some guys in the U.K. that can do it I think. Do you have an account on yoyoz?


You need to slam it instead of pushing on it. It will more than likely crack the cap if you just apply pressure.
Doing it yourself can be very fulfilling. Just make sure you pay attention to how close you are to the bearing. And don’t go over 2mm deep. Maybe 2.5mm. The width can be determined by you. I like mine 2 to 3mm wide.

@ willg, no I don’t have an account on yoyoz, is it worth looking into?

@ itchus, do you mean 2mm for the groove?

He means that you should cut the groove 2mm wide.

Yep. 3mm is fine also as far as how wide. I wouldn’t go more than 2.5mm deep though.