a couple of random questions


a couple of questions

  1. got a fhz can caps come off if so how???

  2. it had a silicone sticker in it and with 24 hours of play the silicone is gone and there is only a rough pad left.

  3. does silicone recessing mean just taking flowable silicone and puting it in the response???


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  1. yes they can come out, pop them out with the axle

  2. ok it had a rough life

  3. no sili recessing is putting it on a lathe,drill,dremal,etc, and takeing a small screw driver and make a recess like whats in a yoyojam,yoyofactory,etc

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what he means is to unscrew the yoyo, then push the axle on a surface and it will pop the cap out, then screw the axle into the other half and do the same.

friction stickers wear out very fast.

  1. yah, hold the edge of the yoyo and push the axle in towards the yoyo body HARD, it sould pop right out!

  2. Yah, I had the same exact problem with my zero, they’re a cheap way of putting response on a yoyo. I’d recommend silicone recessing the yoyo which is related to answer 3…

  3. No, silicone recessing is where you screw the axle of a yoyo tight into a drill and spin it full power, as its spinning, take a jewelers screwdriver and put the sharp part where you want to recess it. Recessing means to put a circular puncture or depression or hole around the center of the yoyo, where later you would put silicone into it!

  1. Slamming the caps out is best. Take the yo-yo apart. While holding the outer rim of the yo-yo slam the axle into a semi hard surface, a hard rug works well. Take the axle out, screw it into the other side and repeat.

  2. Those weren’t silicone stickers, those were friction stickers. Silicone stickers last a lot longer and are way better. Dif pads are also great for the FHZ.

  3. Silicone recessing involves cutting a recess into the yo-yo that holds the silicone. It is similar to pad recessing but with a deeper and not as wide recess.


can I put the caps back?


Yes, and easily I might add.


This is what silicone recessing is

I am the master of youtube!