Newbie in need of help :)!!

so i have heard of a modding term called “recessed” and i heard it was to make ure yo-yo spin longer? is this true and if it is what is the process? i just want to know the basics and if u can go into deeper detail of what it is!


I’m no authority, but I think that refers to cutting a groove into the yoyo in order for it to be able to accept flowable silicone. This is a popular mod to the Duncan FreeHandZeros, which normally use a friction sticker. The friction sticker can be swapped for a silicone sticker(which works much better!).

I have a FHZ modified to have a silicone recess and schmoove rings. The schmoove rings help it spin longer because it removes area that the string could rub on.

In some cases people use stickers or pads in a recessed yoyo as well.

A recess is when you cut a groove into the yoyo so that it can accept some sort of pads. Although you can still use pads on an unrecessed yoyo, it is not recommended for advanced play.

For how you do it, people generally attach the yoyo to a lathe or drill and use a jewelers screwdriver to cut groove in to the wall of the yoyo.

That is just the idea, this guide goes much more in depth but is focused on doing it with a drill:,15085.0.html

Note: Attempt at your own risk as I not done right you can render your yoyo unplayable.

Edit:I had written inplayable.