What yoyo is this?

What yoyo is Alan using?

freehand zero?

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sweet thanks, just a normal one

It looks like an FHZ… Might be recessed, might not…

From what I hear a recessed and sillied FHZ plays great

yeah I hear that alot but what does that mean recessed and sillied

its a duncan extreme something some on at my yoyo class uses one!!! ;D

Recessed means to make deeper…where your response pad sits on your yoyo, you would make it deeper, and fill that recess with silicone, which in turn makes it unresponsive…

Hope this helps…

Yeah… Some one puts the yoyo on a lathe or drill and spins it fast and uses a sharp object to scrape off plastic… And eventualy you get a little trench that you can fill with silicone… This will catch the string when you bind and push a bunch of string in the gap and up next to it, but sense its not right up next to the string it allows it to be unresponsive…

right, a lot of questions coming now, can it happen on any plastic yoyo, will I need to get it done, and also do you send it off to be done or do you do it yourself?

Yes… Its harder on thinner yoyos ofcourse but if its thick enough to have a recess you can do it…
You dont need it but it will improve play on yoyos like FH’s.
You can do it your self or you can send it out… I think 3yo3 is doing modding for pay…

If your a kid talk to your parent or guardian first before atempting

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fixed you didnt put the dont

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