Official Modding Help Thread! UPDATED AGAIN!!!! YEAH!!!

On this thread, I want to help out modders (like myself) by posting help every now and then. I also want to help by posting my modding failures/mistakes to prevent other modders from messing up the same way while experimenting. I will start off by making a few points about recessing:
- Recessing:
        1. What is a recess? A recess is a groove on the inner wall of the yoyo that
            goes around the bearing seat area. A recess is used to hold the response
            for the yoyo, whether a pad, an o-ring, or silicone.
        2. When recessing, I have noticed that certain yoyos may APPEAR to have an
            incredibly thin wall. However, in some cases, what looks this way, may not
            be true. For example I recessed a Yomega Stealth Raider to take an o-ring,
            without going through the wall.
        3. To tell how deep you are on a recess, periodicly stop cutting and screw the
            yoyo together. Grabbing by the rims, try to see if you can bend the yoyos
            hub (if you push in and out at the rims, and the yoyo remains strong, you
            haven’t gone too deep). If you do however go to deep, your yoyo may break
            if it comes in contact with the floor (oops, personal experience).
        4. If you are planning on a first time recess, here’s a helpful tip for keeping it even:
            Don’t cut with a whole saw; the yoyo should be spinning, not the cutting tool.
            That way it will make a perfect circle if your dremel, drill, drill press, or lathe is
            secure. Secure the yoyo by the axle in the chuck of the power tool (unless using
            a lathe), then secure the dremel/drill in a vice to keep it from shaking around.
            Then slowly cut into it with a corkscrew, chisel, etc. Hope this helps.

- Schmooving:
        1. What is a schmoove? Schmooves are like recesses, but they serve a different
            purpose. Basically, they are grooves that can be cut in to the inner wall of the
            yoyo. They go outwards like a “bullseye”, and are left empty. What do these do?
            Schmooves were designed by Dr. Popular to reduce sidewall friction by eliminating
            areas that the string touches. Here is a pic of a Schmooved yoyo:
            When in conjunction with a silicone recess, it it commonly reffered to as an “End”.

2. How do you do it? Exact same way as a recess, as mentioned above.

- Siliconing:

1. What is the purpose of siliconing? Silicone is used as a yoyo response that is for
            “unresponsive” advanced play. Siliconing is used when people desire tight binds,
            with low inner friction. Silicone is very grippy, more so than rubber, and thus gives
            tight binds. The silicone is placed flush or under flush in the yoyo’s inner wall,to
            result in low friction, yet tight binding. Note: SILICONING CAN ONLY BE DONE IN

2. What type of silicone do I need? The type of silicone you want to get is called
            “Winsheild and Glass Type Flowabe Silicone”, which is made by Permatex/Versachem
            (same company). This type is best, as it is self-leveling, or “flowable” as it flows
            evenly into all areas, preventing open spaces and other errors. If you can’t find
            Flowable Silicone, RTV will also work, it is just more difficult and sometimes needs
            “breaking-in”, because it isn’t self-leveling.

3. How do I silicone my yoyo with Flowable Silicone? Cut the nozzle on the tube of
            silicone to the right bead size. Squirt the silicone slowly into the recess, filling it
            slightly over the top. Now take a business/credit/index card and while holding the
            it firmly on the yoyo’s recess, turn the yoyo so that you wipe off the excess silicone.
            Now take the pointed/rounded corner of the card and wipe off more silicone the same
            way, so that the silicone is slightly under flush. Pop any air bubbles in the silicone
            with a needle. Now if you’ve made a mess, wait until after it dries (12 hrs., be patient)
            to clean it up, then it will simply peel off.

4. How do I silicone my yoyo with RTV silicone? Its is basically the same as described
            above, the difference being how you get the silicone to dry smooth without errors.
            While Flowable Silicone levels out itself over drying time, RTV does not. Do the steps
            above until you come to the part telling you to wipe excess with card. Skip this step.
            Dip your the tip of your finger just slightly in mineral spirits (paint thinner), then wipe
            off the excess silicone until it is slightly under flush, as stated in the above paragraph.
            It should be smooth. If not, just play it a lot and it will smooth out over time. Clean up
            is the same as above; just wait 12 hours and then scrape off the excess with your
    In the future I will update this post periodicly when I get the time. I hope this helps
everybody attempting modding. If you have any questions relating to any mod/modding
tecnique, etc. post them here! Good luck.  8)



Your awesome P!

Awesome thread.

can you sili recess a mosquito? i wanna try on somethin cheap so if i mess up i wont be out of much lol


Just about any yoyo can be silicone recessed. Some can’t be because the walls are too thin, like the Metallic Missile. A silicone recess should be around 3mm deep, in order to hold in the silicone, so if the yoyo’s wall seems to be thinner than 4.5 mm, don’t attemp recessing. Otherwise the wall will be week and and prone to break.

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You are awesome! Again!!

I can’t wait for you to do mine ;D

Silicone info added.

how do you cut a hole in the nozzle? i just got my flowable silicon and find myself stuck

Scissors, Nail Clipper, ect.

Not scientific at all ;).


I only see a few things I would change in your post but over all not too shabby.