Silicone Recessing a Sticker Recessed Yo-Yo

So, I have quite a few Duncan yo-yos with sticker recesses already on them. I was wondering if I could silicone recess them. I already know how to silicone recess, but the problem is, once it is silicone recessed, a little part the sticker recess will still be visible around the silicone recess. Is there a way to cover up that little extra space? Or is it ok if I leave it? I hope this made sense.

It’s a schmoove ring!

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If you don’t mind than you can fill it with superglue. After it’s been like a day (That’s a lot of superglue) then treat it like it’s plastic. Just be a bit more gentile.

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Ok, thanks, I didn’t know that. Does it affect play?

Yes, in a positive way. The purpose of the schmoove ring is to remove material not for the purposes of weight reduction but to remove material to reduce drag via rubbing/friction. Of course, it also makes your silicone response all the more important.

This is a common modification.

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That extra little recess doesnt matter at all. Like studio says it can actually help play. That little pocket can really help with opening up the string on suicides. Also I wouldnt fill it with super glue. i can forsee that being a messy situation down the road. Just leave it.

If you make it a recess than it won’t be responsive enough. If you deepen the recess, It’ll be too responsive. The only way to change that is to add something to it. I suppose you could use resin too, but most people don’t have that in their houses.

I’ve recessed a few duncans on my drill press and i have seen the awesome job that other modders do. Nobody fools with the little bit of extra sticker recess thats left. If you are asking about a silicone recess i assume you want it to play unresponsive. Thats kind of the purpose of putting a silcone groove in a duncan.

Exactly, I want it to be as unresponsive as possible with tight binds. I’m looking forward to putting some flowable silicone after I make a silicone recess on top of the sticker recess. Thanks for your advice, by the way.

I actually want it to play unresponsive. Just because it’s a Duncan, it doesn’t mean it’s meant to play responsive, if that was what you were thinking. Anyways, what do you mean it will be too “responsive” if I deepen the recess? Won’t it be more unresponsive?

I’ve deepen the recess in quite a few Duncans to accept silicone, worked perfectly and wasn’t responsive at all. This was a FH2010 I recessed.

I thought you said it was snaggy?

Might have been a different yoyo, if the silicone is recessed enough it plays great!

I think for that mod, that silicone recess is gigantic. I’d say if you’re using flowable, use LESS and don’t fill it to the top or remove more than normal. If using red or blue, then really concave it. Then you should break it in really good and it should be fine.

Yea that recess is crazy. Normally people use a small jewelers screwdriver and do a small recess the same size as the groove on other yoyos. I would bet that is snaggy!!