Duncan Siliconing


I have several Duncan yo-yos, and I was wondering if you could silicone them. I know that you can silicone those with a 19mm OD SG Sticker, but what about the others? Will the 13.7 mm silicone recess accept silicone? I’m pretty sure the 12 mm silicone has a recess that’s too thin or not deep enough, but just to make sure, I would like to know how well all these would accept flowable silicone.


It really depends on the yoyo. Really though, the sticker recessed yoyos as-is are not suitable for siliconing as-is. You’d need to have them modified. For example, the FHZ and FH2 can be modified to accept flowable silicone(or other RTV silicone). This is the best method as the modder doesn’t have to follow an exact spec to match a pre-existing response pad, yet can still do the job properly to get this all taken care of properly.

The sticker recess is too wide and too shallow. If you CAN silicone it, it will not last that long because it’s so shallow, as well as possibly rip out or rip up. So, really, none of those can, regardless of the sticker size if they use sticker recesses.