Factory recessed Duncans + Flowable silicone

I’m wondering if my new metal drifter would accept silicone. I would rather just go ahead buy some and do that than order silicone stickers. The recess is as wide as a sticker, which I think is a little wider than custom recess jobs on an FHZ, for example, and I was wondering if this would have an effect, as I have never done it. I also wonder if the recess is deep enough. I haven’t removed one of my stickers yet to see how deep it is. Any thoughts?

The stock recesses are designed for pads. As such they are shallow and wide, too shallow and wide for silicone. It will tear out quickly and only last a very short time.

Is R.C. Sproul your real name? I really enjoy the preaching and teaching of the R.C. Sproul I listen to on the radio as well as his book, “Now, That’s A Good Question!”

Re: the recess on the Drifter, if you look at the pictures in the “shop” section here, it looks like it’s just deep enough for a sticker. It’s too bad, I’d like to check it out but I hate Duncan stickers and won’t deal with them.

The Duncan silicone stickers are quite nice, mikelz777. You should give them a chance even if you hate friction stickers. You also don’t have to use and Duncan sticker . There are always Dif pads and a whole slew of other pads out there that will play nicely in a Duncan yo-yo.

i put flowable silicone in the stock recess on my FH2 and played it like that for a while. In a pad response yoyo, red rtv will last much longer. I have never bought pads for my yoyos. I put red rtv in all of my pad response yoyos when the pads wear out.

Heh, when I was making my account here, that was the first thing to pop in my head because I frequently listen to Sproul and watch his lecture series.

I guess I’ll buy some stickers. I’d order dif pads but the thins are out of stock.

I’ve tried both types of Duncan stickers. What I hate about them is that you have to play them for a while to get them where you want them. When they start playing well, the window of time that they stay that way is very short before they start wearing out and need to be replaced again. That cured me of ever wanting any kind of yo-yo requiring stickers. It’s too much of a hassle for me. I want low or no maintenance response. Everything I have now is either silicone recess or some kind of o-ring.

the silicone stickers last a long time. the ones in my mayhem have been lasting me a loong time.

You can find red rtv at walmart. I can make a video showing how to get a good silicone job on a pad response yoyo if you want.

Thanks for the offer. I wouldn’t have a problem doing the silicone treatment in a shallow sticker recess but it just seems like it would wear out or tear out pretty quickly. I could be wrong, I’ve never tried it (and don’t have a yoyo to try it on) but it doesn’t look like there’s enough there for the silicone to grab on to and stay put.