Need new friction stickers.


So the friction stickers on my Duncan Metal Drifter
are getting pretty nasty so I want to know what size and type of sticker I need. Check the stats in the link above. Thanks!


Get the 12mm silicone stickers. I don’t like the friction stickers.

Of course, I have a metal drifter AND the stickers and I’m just not in any mood to get off my butt and see if those fit. I bet they do though.


Could I use flowable silicon as well?


Well let me say it this way:

You could use flowable silicone, but the area is wide and not deep enough, so it won’t last long and it could get yanked out. It COULD be done, but it shouldn’t.

Let me use a real world example:
I got a small bearing Bassalope from a guy off BST. This someone fairly well liked around here, good guy. Anyhow, he siliconed it before it ended up heading my way. It wore out while I was evaluating the yoyo. It just won’t last very long as it’s just too thin. I had just ordered some Duncan silicone stickers from YYE that arrived shortly before, and as luck would have it, those 12mm stickers worked fine.

Note, I’m not releasing the seller’s name, but I will say he’s still selling, has good feedback and I would buy from him again. Stuff like whining about items designed to wear and be replaced is pointless. Strings and response pads wear out.

I am working on some stuff right now, but if I remember, I might go grab the metal drifter and see if the silicone stickers will fit in there.(not gonna waste one, just gonna eyeball it If you don’t hear back in a day, PM me to get me moving again, although I am actually working on other stuff at the moment for the next few days.

Assuming 12mm silicone stickers, they last a lot longer than friction stickers. That’s why I don’t like friction stickers.


Ok, thanks. Tell me if they fit soon.


I just opened mine up and I put my 12mm silicone stickers over it and they APPEAR to fit. It also appears that my Metal Drifter already has silicone stickers in there from the factory.

I barely play my metal drifter. Sometimes I just have to feed my yoyo habit and get something new and fast and this happened be in the right place at the right time(and at the right price, under $20 at the time of purchase, which has since gone up a bit)


Ok, I’ll try 12’s then