Duncan Silicone Stickers


Im 14 and i love to yoyo but i really dont want to spend a lot of money on throws yet so i have looked into cheaper throws such as yomega maverick and duncan metal drifter so does anyone know if you upgrade a metal drifter with center trac size a bearing and some duncan silicone stickers will it be unresponsive and long spinning.


In a drifter you don’t even have to do that. Just clean the bearing and take one of the stock stickers off and it should be unresponsive and after you break in the bearing it will be relatively long spinning


In the older metal Drifters, that’s what you need to do. How can you tell? If if uses spacers.

The “current” batch of Metal Drifters do not use spacers. Clean the bearing out completely and that’s all I needed to do to make my kid’s Metal Drifter dead unresponsive.

Both come stock with Duncan Silicone Stickers, I believe.

Here’s what I would suggest:
For the money, spend a tiny bit more on a different brand. Depending on what you want to spend, there’s offerings from $10 to $35.

From low to high:
Classic(get a SPEC bearing of some sort and/or silicone or YYJ response pads), Stackless Grind Machine, PSG and/or Asteroid(same price), Lyn Fury(silicone it, trust me), Starbright, Legacy II, Dienasty, Chaser, Plastic Grind Machine(maybe), Protostoar or Northstar. I’m leaving out stuff I like though, such as the Kickside, Speed Maker, ONE and WHIP. The ONE and WHIP are just too light, but still great. The Kickside and Speed Maker are also wonderful, but the hybrid response you may not like, but are still great.

I believe all of these are compatible with flowable silicone, so don’t need to send money and wait for replacement responses to arrive 3-5 days later.

If you’re willing to spend more or go metal, the C3 Token is tiny but rocks. The Duncan Raptor is great as well. The dv888 isn’t a good fit for me, but it’s well received and a top seller AND is a good player. The Shinwoo Zens are also worth checking out.

I know, we want to avoid spending more. Sometimes we need to kick a few more dollars into a project in order to actually achieve cost savings, while still getting the other stuff that goes with a more expensive yoyo. Don’t knock some of these “low end plastics”, I’ve seen people compete and kick serious butt with them.

Yoyo isn’t always “you get what you pay for”. There’s some amazing low-cost models out there. The Classic proves it.


Is the yyf kpad compatible to the Duncan Metal Drifter? How long does a yyf kpad last? Which pad lasts longer? :slight_smile: :smiley:


Natural pads last the longest I don’t know if they work though.


No. Use Duncan 12mm silicone stickers for your Metal drifter.


Just pick up an Adegle Asteroid. Good stuff for a steal at $16.



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These guys are right. Look for low end yoyos that play well above their price (there are a dozen of them under $20 that play like champs right out of the box). Take the extra money and spend it on string. If you need help narrowing it down, I volunteer Studio42 as your go to guy (:)). PM him. He’s got dang near one of everything and knows his throws.


Oh look, same country! :smiley:

I agree with Chris (Studio42). I haven’t tried all of what he said, but most of these are right at the bucket of most cost efficient throws right now. This though is under the assumption of you are open to trying other yoyos and other brands though.

Haven’t tried a classic yet, I have one on the way, hopefully gets too me soon,maybe should have ordered two, one unresponsive and another for responsive. plan to buy Lyn fury but not as much as I want to buy both a PSG(Plastic SandGlass) and/or (can’t decide yet) Asteroid. I own a stackless PGM (Plastic Grind Machine), relatively same play as the whip, still good. Also, I have a One by YYF, I would not recommend it for responsive play though, along with it being too light, but when you’re a bit new you probably won’t notice it.

If you want something thats very durable I’ll go for the PSG. Really plan to buy it and crown it my beater yoyo. Ann Connolly whip is also a good bet, almost same price, with a better bearing. I don’t have a Classic and haven’t tried one yet, but I do believe it is good, as I’ve said I ordered one already. My comment on that though it would be a bit more pricey as you still need to get a bearing and some pads/silicone for it.


Is the Adegle PSG responsive?

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No it is unresponsive.