Metal Drifter!


This yoyo is 20 dollars!! I love it for some reason. It is crazy fun to play with a responsive yoyo and it has renewed my love for a size bearings. What do you guys think of it?


I just made it unresponsive and it is still awesome


I was really hesitant to buy a Drifter because I never felt Duncan’s Metal Zero played as well I had hoped and it looked like the Drifter was just a Metal Zero that shrunk in the wash. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the Drifter. As you said, a fun little throw for it’s price. How did you get to be completely unresponsive? Did you redo the response or did just changing bearings do it?


i cleaned the bearing and took off one of the stickers it might be a little snaggy but after you play it it will stop


Anybody else



I got the Metal Drifter to be nearly unresponsive by simply removing one sticker and using type 6 poly string. That said…

Even money being equal, I’d still go with the Ann Connolly Whip. It’s a surprisingly good all plastic, and comes out of the box unresponsive with a Center Trac bearing. And, going back to money…at $10 it’s half the price.

Now everyone won’t be as lucky as I to have had Ann tie the knot (see what I did there?) and throw their yo for the first time…but such was my great day at MA States. :slight_smile:

aka the “Only Time I’ll Be A YYF Guy” guy


yes! it’s awesome. I’m not sure why but Duncan seems so… unpopular ???, I guess. it’s like you don’t hear people say “Oh, man I got this new Duncan” it’s always like " Whoa, One Drop!" or “CLYW, Man!”. I like Duncan.


Yeah Duncan makes some of the best throws I’ve played. They also have the 3 best throws for a budget on the market IMO. The raptor metropolis and echo will play in any style and play with $100+ throws any day. Yes they use a size and d size bearings. But what is the problem with that I love them and they will play with anything.


There are at least 2 versions of the Metal Drifter. Mine, bought in 2011, uses spacers and I need to clean out that bearing and it should be fine otherwise stock. I may need to change spacers though.

My kid’s Metal Drifter was purchased in 2012 and does NOT use spacers. I cleaned out that bearing and Terrapin X treated it and that sucker is dead unresponsive and I did NOT remove any stickers. While not a favorite, it sure is a lot of fun.

I like Duncan. Bought 2 new models at Nationals: Raptor and a Flipside. Both have graphics for Nationals. A lovely reminder of good throws and a good time from a good brand!


I dont relly like it for 1A but I do for 5A.