silicone on a duncan MZF (metal zero freehand)

OMG just took the friction stickers off my MZF and put a bit of silicone on, its like a whole different yoyo. when you take the stickers off, its just like a tiny little ledge, and you can only put a tiny bit on, because it has to be flush with the yoyo wall, but it changes the yoyo from crappy friction stickers to beast silicone. i also siliconed my yomega dash. i hear silicone stickers work good to, just didnt want to buy them


You’ll be lucky to have that silicone stay in the Metal Zero for more than a week.

well, ya, ik, but i like it better then buying silicone stickers over and over again

A good silicone sticker or Dif-pad might last six months to a year. You may have to replace the silicone in your Metal Zero every other week. At least for me it is more cost effective and takes less effort to just use pads in mine.

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I siliconed Both my Duncan Metal Drifters, 1 with Flowable and 1 with RTV and the RTV lasted like 3-4 wks and Flowable about 4 and 1/2 wks. So Honestly I feel that the Cons of re-siliconing every cpl wks to have a kick butt Throw kinda out weighs the Pros of buyin a sili sticker and having it last long but not having tight binds or what have you.