The best way to Sili a Duncan with a pad recess

Or at least the best that I’ve found.

So…I ran out of sili stickers to put back in my Metal Drifter, and tried putting some silicone in the pad recess. Using both regular and flowable sili, neither worked for more than two or three binds before making a huge mess.

But, I have found out a way to put sili in the recess and make it stay for more than five minutes.

First, take a worn out friction sticker that is just fiber, and stick that in the recess. Make sure the adhesive still works.

Next, with the worn sticker in there, fill the recess up with flowable silicone. Level it out and let it sit for at least 24 hrs.

Now, you’re ready to play. I’ve had the sili/cloth pad in there for a couple of weeks, and it is working just fine.I do not yet know if it will wear out like a friction sticker (where the tackiness wears off) or as a sili sticker (where the adhesive fails). But, if anything, this method will last at least a couple of weeks until you can get some more sili pads.

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yeah, that should work.
I’d also heard of people using silicone and hockey tape. or similar tape.

I think that was me. ;D  here’s the link;,31907.0.html

I have finally worn the silied cloth pads down (granted, I haven’t been playing with the yoyo a lot, since my wife got me some really good new throws for my birthday and Christmas). They wear out like friction stickers, but last as long as a sili pad. Because the silicone is what wore off and not the adhesive, the cloth pads are ready to be used again.

Wow, that’s a long time.

I should have tried that. I just got some silicone stickers but I’ll save the friction stickers just in case