Help me on making a silicone sticker/pad


I took some thin fabric and applied some red silicone over it. I know it adhered well becausause the other side was kind of red. After the silicone dried I cut it to the size of a duncan friction sticker. My only problem is what could I use for adhesive so that the pad/sticker sicks to the yoyo.


You could try a glue stick. If you can get the removable type that’s probably best.


Maybe rubber cement?


I tried pasting the inner circle that I cut out of the pad with glue stick and let it dry and it adhered well. It left a residue on the yoyo, but I think it can be cleaned with a damp napkin. I will try now to paste the pad to the yoyo.

EDIT: Also, how is it that companies who make pads/sticker cut them?


Also, you could try double back tape (sticky on both sides).


The double sided tape is too thick.

I tried the pad and as I expected it was slightly responive. But if I had put on a pad recessed yoyo it probably after breaken in would have been unresponsive. A problem that I had with the responsiveness was that it snagged a lot and that made the pad fall off. I would only use these on a pad recessed yoyo.


Are you referring to the type that looks like masking tape, or the type that is cellophane based? I would agree that the masking tape based stuff may be to thick but the clear type is not.


Double sided scotch tape, or the ones in tape dispensers will work will. Alternatively, and this depends on the stickyness of your silicone, take a roll of scotch tape/packing tape, tape it to a surface you can remove it from. Put silicone on the tape, spread it out a bit, and let it dry. Take the tape off the surface, shape the pads, and stick it in.

To shape the pads: Take old pad. Trace onto paper. Cut out paper. Put paper onto the adhesive. Cut the pad out. (Hint: use a hole punch for the inside) then put it on the yoyo. Doesn’t have to be perfect. However, the paper might stick to the tape, in that case, you can try to find some kind of plastic to put on, or just use the pad, although the pad might break after awhile of doing that.


You gave me an idea. I´ll try to make the pad and super glue it to some duck tape. Since duck tape has a very strong adhesive the pad will not fall off.


Duct tape would leave a residue if its on something for a while. i mean… its supposed to be permanant