How do I make pads? I need to know so I don’t have to hand silicone all of my yoyo’s.

Go to walgreens, isle 7. Wait.

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also ye im trying to find out the same thing.

Double sided tape, and a old pad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take the pad, put it on the double sided tape, and then just cut the tape to the shape of the pad. Then, put the tape on the yoyo! ;D So the double sided tape becomes your friction sticker… but it’s very grippy. Variations:

You can try putting something on top of the pad, old bicycle tire rubber, duct tape, rubbery things…

or, you can put the weird plastic film thing used to protect computer screens and cell phones, that plastic will keep your binds from slipping as much, but doesn’t add any response at all.

Just silicone it. Making pads requires making molds for the pads and some other stuff thats annoying and complicated if you aren’t doing hundreds of them.

Can you explain the process, because I would like to make them instead of buying Hatpads.

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Just try using double sided tape… or duct tape works really well, but don’t put duct tape directly on the yoyo, put it on double sided tape then on the yoyo.

I don’t think you guys understand, I don’t want ghetto pads. I need to make real pads for the yoyo’s I’m making and plan on continuing making.

I do believe you live in close vicinity to General Ernie, and I am not afraid to state that he will probably give much better advice on this than the rest of us. You should really get in contact with some developers when it comes to this.

My advice:

Well you want silicone, an adhesive and then something to make sure the adhesive doesn’t dry out in the form of some paper-thingy that you peel off.

Also, if you have one of those posterguys in your neighborhood, ask him for glue. I imagine poster glue being good for pads.

Thanks and you can’t really ask yoyoer creators like Ernie because he doesn’t want me to start making hatpads and sell them for cheaper, plus I have already bugged him enough with this.

lol ghetto pads, i thought onedrop made general yos pads ??? .

Or put silicone on double sided tape, let it dry, and cut it out… not that ghetto. and don’t underestimate ghettoness!

I understand that ghetto works, but I want to be legit and taken seriously.

You could try these.

…Or you could melt Silly Bandz into a circle shape, lol.

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well i just made this up you can try it get sticker paper silicon flowable and nife or other sharp thing

1 make out line of size and copy it a bunch of times on comp

2 make a layer of flowable on top of paper like 1 mm thick

3 glue or tape out line to flowable

then cut off walla

Actually I have been thinking of this a LOT lately, although I haven’t tried it I think this MAY be the way to go.

Get something that acts as a releasing agent, I was thinking maybe PAM or something, a mold of some sort (could be a half of a proto WTF2 so it is the right size and shape) then flowable sili the groove, let it set, spray on some adhesive, slap on a peice of wax paper or whatever you want your pad to stick to than let that set and peel the pad out, viola one silicone pad to the proper size :smiley:

Sorrt it is short and sketchy but I am sure you will understand it, mind you it isnt a simple and easy way to mass produce them but it SHOULD work. I hope this was helpful.

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