Custom Silicone Pads

Does anyone make their own silicone pads?
I’m curious about the material you would start with - sticky backing.

Anyone have any ideas about how you would go about making your own?

You could get a mold and fill it with flowable silicone, and use wax paper (At Target or Grocery Store) and put it on the bottom while it is wet, it will peel easily


Ask convicter1127 he does a pretty good job!

well iv never tried this but iv heard of it. basically what you do is find 2 washers that are the right size. basically what you do is get these to washers one being in the middle of the other and the space in between is where you put the silicone. I’ll make a diagram for it in a minuet. so what you will need is some silicon, those two washers, some wax paper and a box cutter blade. heres the diagram i just made. later .

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I suggest asking Charles Schluer, creator of Chaz Pads. Here is the link to his channel:;u=1245