problem with pad

So this is my situation. My yoyo pads has just worn out and the only yoyo shop in my town does not sell pads, at least at this time. I don’t even have a silicon! So please can you guy help me how to fix my pad or how to make pad without silicone, or at least how to make silicon? Thanks

Set a paper bucket onto a scale and reset the scale to zero.

Pour some silicone base into the paper bucket and weigh it. For the most accurate mix, you should weigh the base in either ounces or grams.

Add the correct amount of catalyst to the base. Most silicones use a 10:1 ratio of base to catalyst, but check the label on your silicone to make sure. If the ratio is 10:1, simply divide the base weight by 10 to determine the amount of catalyst to use. For example, 74 grams of base requires 7.4 grams of catalyst.

Mix the catalyst into the base completely. Most silicone bases are white, while the catalyst is dark blue or green, allowing you to visually ensure the two components are mixed. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bucket several times as you work. Take your time – most RTV silicones take several hours to cure.

Pour the silicone into a mold, cookie sheet or other container to cure. If the container is made of silicone, you must first brush on a thin coat of hand soap as a mold release. Otherwise no release is required.

You can probably find flowable silicone at a local hardware store or auto parts store.