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Hello everybody, i am still new in yoyoing and i have a grey protostar. My protostar’s silicone broke a week ago, and i want to silicone it. I’ve heard about the RTV silicone, where i can buy it?? And are there any silicone use for yoyo?? what is the brand of the silicone?? where i can buy it?? i’m sorry my english is very bad, because i never talk with people in english…thanks…


Your english is just fine. Actually you were speaking english better than some of the americans on here. lol

As far as silicone. If you have an auto parts store near you then just buy something that says gasket maker. Brand is not really a concern. If you can find some windshield repair silicone then that is actually flowable silicone which is easier to apply. Make sure it is an RTV type silicone.


i know you. . . :smiley:

so the pad on your protostar worn out already, RTV is pretty easy to find, like icthus said.
you ca go to some hypermarket and head to home appliances section, most hypermarket (like giant or hypermart) would most likely has them in stock.


Since the pad came off, I would just buy another one. It’s the Yoyofactory Response.


@icthus: thanks you very much for your reply…it helps me much…

@kristiawan: thanks, i will search for it…

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As x52 said, I would suggest just buying another pad, but buy them in bulk, since you don’t live in the US, shipping is pretty high. You can purchase them here:

And if you haven’t already, I would suggest buying some bulk string to last you long, so you don’t have to spend more money on shipping for small things like these. Since you do live far away from the US, I do suggest you buy both together.
Here’s the link to the string:


Thanks for the info, but i think it will be too much expensive for me to do so, because i’m still new in yoyoing…hehehehhe…