Protostar response pads.

They came off after about a month of play… what do i do?

buy new ones or silicone it

they are 888 (slim pad) size

what is siliconing?

Putting flowable or gasket maker silicone in the yoyo for response. There is a guide stickied in the modding section for it, as well as many many topics on siliconing and, well, the question you asked.

I´ve had my protostar sinces April 2010 and the pads still work. Dont spend money on pads, just silicone the yoyo, its cheaper and silicone last longer.

but is it still unresponsive? just curious.
and the pads totally came off. kinda weird…

Not weird. Normal. It happens.

Completely normal. You can buy new pads at any yoyo store. 888 sized, or you can silicone it yourself.
Google “How to silicone a yoyo”. If the video has bad music, it’s a good tutorial.

lol, but true.

is this what im looking for?

If you want. 888 slim pad sized = Protostar.

i want the same ones it came with.

The ones stock is the Cental Bearing Co. Silicon Pads (Thin 888 sized pads)

Thats the ones they come with.

i just tried to silicone it… the tube exploded…

You have to cut the tip of the nozzle off. If you have to try very hard to push it out, something is stuck and now letting the silicone out.

little late for that…