YYF one response pad not flush, too high

Hey and hallo,

recently, i decided to get back into yoyoing. when i was younger, i had a yomega brain which i hated because of the auto return. i’m glad that new yoyos have bearings and stuff.

i got myself a YYF one. the yoyo seems nice, i’m still getting used to throwing it and not letting it snap back into my hand.

if have the small bearing in the yoyo, cause binding is still another world for me^^

anyway, i noticed that the response pad are sticking out of the yoyo. they aren’t flush with the rest of the yoyo. it’s just not a little bit, it is really noticeable.

is this a real issue and should i get silicon to make my own pads or should i just stay with it and wear it down?

Have you tried taking it out and reseating it? Can you post a picture of each half to show how much?

i tried to push on them to get them deeper but that didn’t help. I’ll make some pictures, hopefully i’m able to make good ones with my smartphone.^^

noticeable, but the black color makes it hard to judge. it is as thick as the metal side of a standard fingernail file (u know, the ones with a plastic handle) if that helps.

The YYF One comes with thicker response pads. They are designed to stick out like that to help the yo-yo return even on a weak throw.

You can replace them with standard 19mm slim pads that will sit flush.

mhmm okay.

unforntanly, i live in germany, so it’s way too expensive to order them from the link u provided. i can get some silicon to make my own response pads. will that help with the sudden snap back and increase the yoyo sleeping time when it is on the string?

i’m able to do a sleeper, around the world, rock the baby and a eifeltower. i want to get into string tricks like a braintwister but with that hard snap back into my hand, it is kinda hard.

Yes, flowable silicone will work and it should improve sleep times, but it may take some practice to get it right.

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