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Hey you guys I have a question. Do you guys know of like any response pads that like “slip” like when your using nylon string and its has like that slippy grip lol and when you bind it like “slips” or does it justt matter on the string?/ cause like I don’t like when yanno I bind and the yoyo stops and comes back.

Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do???

I think he doesn’t like the feeling of a yo-yo abruptly stopping when binding. He prefers a slight “slip” before the bind happens. That’s what I picked up from his post.

Harder pads generally have less grip than softer pads.

YoYoJoker has some really nice response pads with varying grip levels, and you can choose whether you want a really hard pad for the least amount of grip or a really soft response pad with a lot of grip. YYF has a variety of pads as well.

You could also try using flowable silicone or red RTV silicone to make your own response pads and then use a plastic spoon to make a slight recess for less response.

Using thinner string will help too.

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Hey guys, sorry to necropost on this one.
But I would like to have someone opinion/knowledge about:
Snow Tires - for Akita

Which pad could I use instead for lower response?
How about pink Snow Tires?

Could I use a standard YYF pads?
Is is possible to use OD slim 19mm pads?

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AFAIK, it’s a no to both, CLYW pads are a different size than the 19mm, they have deeper and wider grooves. The only compatible non CLYW pads I know of are the RSO white pads and G2 Dad pads (which also work in A-RT yoyos iirc); you can also silicone them of course.

For less response, you could try Summer Tires, or the RSO white pads, or silicone the yoyo and recess the response a bit.


Thanks a lot Isaac, I was wondering that would be the case.

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These are the best available options, sometimes you can find clyw sized buddah pads and they are less snaggy also. The RSO pads are thinner and aimed at early clyw which originally came siliconed, but I sometimes like them in later clyw also, it depends on how wide the gap is. The snow tire’s response surface is larger than a normal 19mm pad, so I prefer sili in my clyw where I can recess it to my liking. If I don’t feel like messing with it I’ll try one of the above.

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you can use od flow groove pads

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