Okay, so which response pads?


I’m curious which in stock 19mm slim pads would be recommended for most yoyos?


The YYF variety pack is what I recommend, it has different silicone toughness / stickiness types in it.


I like katana pads and flow groove


I use snow tires in most of my throws, they’re nice and reliable and seem to last longer than others I’ve used.

YYF natural pro pads are really nice too, Evan Nagao uses them I’m pretty sure.


I’m not sure if these are on sale anywhere but the new C3 JP pads a REAL nice. I’ve been using the soft iYoyo pads though just because they were in stock a while ago so I bought a few and I don’t really have any complaints about those.


Best options are Sengoku Katana Pads and YYF Pads. Go Katana for better value, YYF for variety.


So there was a promotion recently in the YYE webstore that gave away a free pack of Limewire strings and some response pads when buying a certain yoyo (or yoyo brand), but I forget what kind of pads they were. Does someone from YYE remember, and perhaps can remind me what those pads were?