Suggestion/Request: One Drop, can you please consider adding a third size of response pads to your lineup (‘standard’ thickness = ~1.1mm)?

One Drop response pads are my favourite. They are durable, economical and most importantly they bind perfectly with my custom nylon strings.

I know that this has been discussed before - the OD ‘slim’ response pads are marketed to fit yo-yos with ‘standard’ 19 mm response pads however they are thinner than most 19 mm pads (measurements below). OneDrop has stated that this is intentional to allow the pads to be slightly recessed.

In my experience, this works excellently when paired with a flat bearing (which I enjoy in several of my yoyos), but I continuously struggle with getting consistent binds when they are paired with any type of centering bearing. This has led me to search for other pad alternatives to use in the yoyos that I prefer to set up with a centering bearing. I have yet to find something that performs as consistently and the closest thing that I have found are the CBC (YYF) natural pads, but they are still not as good. And yes I have tried flowable silicon, in my opinion it’s not as good as the OD pads.

Here are caliper measurements of the thickness of OD pads and various ‘standard’ 19mm pads that I have on hand (without the paper backing):

One Drop slim pads: ~0.9 mm
CBC/YYF pads: ~1.1 mm
MYY pads: ~1.1 mm
Ilinx mousepads: ~1.0 mm
One Drop flow groove pad: ~1.8 mm

Overall I would say that a OD pad with a thickness of ~ 1.1 mm be my ideal ‘standard’ (non-recessed) pad. I would buy a bunch of these and put them in all my other yoyos. To clarify, the slim pads are also great and I will continue to buy them as well. However, I would not consider them standard size.

@da5id @The_Machinist Please consider producing a third, ‘standard’ size 19mm pad, with a thickness of ~1.1 mm.
Trying to find 1.1mm pads that work as well as OD pads has been driving me INSANE! Please help me stop the madness by offering the ideal solution!

Comments of support from other OD fans are appreciated!



How did I not know that these existed! Just dropped some in my cart to add to the upcoming Panorama drop. Thanks @Xanadu


The OD/Static Co Parlay, Citizen, Dang 2, Clique, Rev and the Top Deck were built with response wells for the 19mm Slim Flow Groove pads.

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I don’t take any issue with the slim pads as they are and I quite like them. I’m just making the argument that I would appreciate if OD produced an additional pad that is thicker than the slim pads.