Onedrop 19mm slim pad too thin?

I read somewhere a long time ago that Onedrop had those weird 0.8mm thick pads that look like

(the green one is your typical 1-1.1mm cbc pad for comparison)

So this day I ordered some of these ‘‘Slim Pad Size 19mm OD’’ from exactly here
and BAM. They turned out to be exactly like those thin pads. They are so thin that they sit significantly recessed in my 1st run phenomizm, yet they are also obviously thicker than a grey hat pad, OG YYR pad or Sturm Panzer pad.

It s not like I cant make use of these things, since I d still stick them on flowable silicone like i v always been doing with my worn out irpads and jokerpads, but I m just genuinely curious about why these pads are made so thin. No yoyoto my knowledge uses this size, nor has onedrop a record of making the response in their own yoyos this highly recessed.

lol maybe i d ask someone accually from onedrop

Good eye! Never actually looked at them right next to other pads before, there definitely is a visible difference. Just added a note to the page.

Thanks for the heads up!


The “19mm standard” is not one we came up with but we had a lot of requests to make a Flow Groove version. I put that in quotes because it’s not exactly agreed upon what exactly the standard is. As with our normal pads in our standard, they are built to be recessed because that is part of how unresponsive is achieved.

The pads should be close to .9mm with the adhesive layer. The non-adhesive layer is .032" stock which is .812mm. The adhesive layer is about .07mm which gets us .25mm recessed in most of the grooves we measured. Seems just about right from our understanding of the standard and the various grooves we measured to figure this out. Of course we aren’t in control of how deep everyone cuts their response grooves so it’s going to vary based on that.

Regular Flow Groove pads also sit about .25mm recessed.

Your note is not correct. Should be .9mm thick and don’t think this is too thin.

FWIW, the gasket maker response in my Queen gave out and when I replaced it, I went for the 19mm Flow Pads by OD.

They are slightly recessed, which I enjoy. Turned out to be a perfect match to the Queen. My response is dialled in to exactly how I like it.

If anything, it strikes me as a benefit that their a hair thinner than other pads. When a yoyo feels just a bit too grabby or snaggy with a CBC-sized 19mm pad, I can pop in the OD for response perfection. :wink:

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So at the risk of ruining the jokerpads in my helium I swapped one of them for a OD pad and it looks like this. It it noticeably less grippy on a bind but with no significant reduction of snag during play.

On a yoyo whose response groove is already recessed with respect to the bearing, such as this one with this little wall enclosing the bearing (and originally had YYF pads), it looks like this

and when both sides become like this, they slip like worn out pads.

Onedrops own yoyos look like this:

Now has anyone seen 0.9mm pads from other brands like IR or watever? Wut do those look like?

All depends on how deep they cut their groove. Never measured a yoyojoker.

All my 19mm yoyos have the same groove depth except the 1st run phenomizm. If you look at the 2 pictures above, the depths of recession from the outer edge are the same for both yoyos, but definitely more than in a onedrop yoyo.

I’m talking about the depth of the groove. Did you measure them? It looks like the depth of the groove on those yoyos are deeper than the samples of yoyos we measured when we designed this pad. We can’t control that. You are correct if the groove is deeper than what we measured, then yes the pad will be more recessed.

That’s the problem with the 19mm “standard” is that there is no standard. It’s not like there is a standards board I can go ask for the measurements. It is not even agreed who came up with it in the first place and so it’s not surprising that the implementations differ.

Wut yoyos did u measure? (And y did you measure the yoyos when measuring the stock pads is more accurate with the layers and perhaps more faithful to the original)

All my yoyos, YYF, YYJ(2011-present), YYR, C3, Werrd and various small brands, can fit all my pads, YYF, YYJ(2011+), IR, Joker, Blueprint and various nonbranded made in China bulk pads (srsly), except urs. The 1st run phenomizm kindo does tho, so maybe that s the exact one u measured?..

There sure is a standard, just urs might be a bit off or simply outdated like with the old izm. YYR, for example, even says on their site that their yoyos are ‘use with 1.1mm pads recommended, may also work with 0.9mm’. If u r real, just give us both thin and thick options like IR does, as ur pads themselves (when perfectly fitted in your own yoyos) are indeed of top quality and one of the highest cost/performance in the market. If I didnt care about ur products i d have stopped derping long ago.

I think we measured YYFs and Duncans. And we got specs from the fine people at YYE. Ours is not outdated because we only just made it recently because many were requesting it. Nice to have a different option right?

For us, they play perfectly in the YYFs and the Duncans that we measured and tested them with.

Thats even weirder since some Duncans is known to have a deeper groove than YYFs.
Just tried your pads on both sides of my yyf cyborg. They r ok binding from high spin just after a throw, but feels quite a bit off compared to flush pads during a low speed bind such as a horizontal laceration bind.
Also I needed to stretch them very hard to fit them in this YYF cyborg. Never did this for any other pad either.

Like I said, we can’t control what size other companies cut their yoyo features.

Yes if they all are the same.

I think that’s the crux of the issue and the confusion here. People see that nomenclature and assume there is one, then get upset when it’s not “standard”.
(Not casting any judgment here)

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Jesus, man. They are NOT all the same. That’s the whole point. If you don’t want thin pads, get thicker ones. They are like, a dollar.

Exactly. The companies that use this size didn’t all get together and agree on the numbers. We did our best with the info we had.

Yeah, no kidding… You should be actually contacting Duncan and you and asking them why they don’t cut the response recess all the exact same… This isn’t OD fault. THEIR pads fit perfect in THEIR yoyos. If you choose to use them in other brand throws, that’s your decision. If you buy them and don’t like them, then don’t use them.

Man, you just keep going back and forth with da5id and not even paying any attention to what he’s trying to explain to you. Take it easy. :slight_smile:


That’s the whole point. I dont want to spend $2 each on irpads or jokerpads when I should be able to get (thick) OD pads that could have played just as well for $1.[/s]

Find me a yoyo marked as ‘19mm slim pad’ and for which YYF pads will be too thick (or too thin).

The whole point is just that Onedrop is the only one that does not fit in the standard.
Every other company that claims what they made is ‘19mm slim pad’ all follows the standard, or even better, offer choices (still based on standard).
Just like the size C bearing, this ‘standard’ may not have been formally written down, but it is a convention naturally evolved in the trade with a goal in itself to bring different manufacturers together under it. The whole thing about this ‘19mm slim pad’ is to create such a standard. There are numerous companies that make pads but not yoyos, IR being one of them yet their products fit all 3rd party yoyos perfectly. Nobody says ‘You think our size C bearing is 1mm smaller in outer diameter? but it plays well with me and blahbhalfbshlkjehdk’


If Irpads can do this, then everyone can. Its not that hard.
If Onedrop do not want (the only valid reason that they dont) to make them, then add an official notification on their product about how ‘different’ it is.

I will be convinced if you show me a yoyo made after 2011, marked as ‘‘19mm slim pad’’, and has Onedrop pads sitting flush in one side and another pad also sitting flush in the other side.

I will investigate making a thicker version.