Are there response pads for a SPYY Stryker?

Ok, I’ll be honest I am afraid to silicone my expensive baby. Are their any pads that fit the stryker that you just drop in?

Unless your gonna keep the bearing and axle in, I can’t think of a way that it’ll screw up the yoyo.
If you mess up, get out the old silicone and re-sili. Failed again, get out the gunk in there and re-sili.

Unless you’re gonna us an Exacto Knife to scrape out the excess silicone, it’s fine. A toothpick shouldn’t hurt the metal.

What he means is he doesn’t know if there are stick and play pads for that yoyo. I’m not sure either as I have never handled one.

YYF slim pads work just fine. I don’t see the big deal about not wanting to silicone it either.

Icthus, he knew what the OP meant, he just didn’t see how a sili attempt could hurt the yoyo.

then he shouldn’t ignore that part oh the op’s post.

I was just trying to say that it wouldn’t hurt the yoyo to attempt siliconing the yoyo and therefore no need to buy response pads. He’s buying pads because he scared to silicone it.
(No shame on you OP)

I’d rather have pads than silicone it. Shame on no one. Just answer the question. In your case and mine the answer is we don’t know.

Good thing I know. Here you go. The 888 size fits.