what size is the response on the BBYY Bully. I have been hearing that people got silicone pads in theirs. but i must have gotten something else cause i got recesed silicone (a bad job at that) so would the 888 size sili pad on this site work? or not?

(D@§h!zn!t) #2

I think so. Y not just stick with silicone? ;D


i said in my post, its badly done and thank you ;D


What constitutes a “bad job?” If it’s messy just play it and break it in. If it’s all gnarled and falling out I’d just resilicone it… Silicone>Sili pads if you’re not too messy.


by messy it was jaged and yes, some did get better once i played it but after this long (around 100-175 hours) it hasnt gotten much better. and its like mostly gone and i need something with more grip


Just resilicone it then. Problem solved.


ik but i want to try something new


just keep with flowable sili.

dont take the risk of messing your yoyo up.


(YoYoBlaze) #9

yes, i agree with sternberg. just resilicone it and get the bad job otu of your way. adding a different response might mess up your yoyo.