My first re-silicone attempt and now the second

So I asked in another category about response pads for my vsNYYC Septopus. Actually would be the size of GSQUARED Gpads. I’m not finding any, so I decided to get a tube of sealant @ Walmart and try to do my own. I’ve watched the vlogs on g2’s site and a few others. Now, I have changed pads on my throws, so I’m good at cleaning the old stuff out.

This yoyo had too much silicone before, I wish now that I took a before photo. But the spin was almost immediately killed due to rubbing the string. I knew that I would have to create a channel in the shape of the new silicone so as to not rub anywhere other than the hump designed into the area right above the response channel

After doing it, and shaping the silicone I was really wondering if I had not put enough sealant in the groove. I wondered this all night hoping I could play with my new throw in the morning. Wow what a long night.

So after careful examination, I double checked the bearing area and reassembled my new Septopus. The first few throws were, huh, did I get it. I played and played and now a few hours later, well that was easy. Now I’m a beginner here to this awesome hobby, so my opinion is what it is. just that, an option, from an older guy with life skills and the beginnings of some yoyo skills.

For those wondering if it is worth doing. Absolutely!!!

Snappy binds just like my new prime8.

I am loving this thing

Nice! How do you feel it compares to 19mm pads? I’m a fan of IR pads and One Drop Flow Groove. Is this similar?

Looks good. :slight_smile:

I tend to like a lot of response, so I leave the silicone more flush and less recessed than you’ve done here. But the great thing about yoyos with response areas that are deep enough for flowable silicone is that you can customize!

I actually threw a set in before doing this and, ok I am a newb so my opinion…but yeah this is the way to go. With a flush 19mm pad, I don’t have mistake time to recover ( learning kamakazi ) and there was still a gap because the flow groove on the Septopus is snow tires size, but shallower. But the pads rub more than doing this. My silicone job on the Septopus feels better than the new MFD I got today. That being said, the new irpad on my e=mc2 feel pretty darn good as well. No whips like the Septopus was doing before the re-sil, and like the mfd is doing today and I’m sure until I break it in.

I’m going to try a thinner silicone that will flow much better than the sealant I used. Monkey schnot. All I know is that this yoyo plays totally opposite of what it did when I found it. And honestly, I haven’t been able to stop throwing this thing

Personally I made the silicone flat, and at a point it looks like yours, it’s too worn out.
Th good thing about silicone is it’s definitely customizable, but I feel like they wear out way too quick in my case.

that was my thought. mine looks worn out, like it’s time for a redo. but the darn thing just works so well that i will leave it alone until that feeling changes

I like to have mine just shy of flat across. A gentle slope in the center is my sweet spot.

Here I just re did my Grail a few nights ago to replace a sloppy and chunky “factory” job.

You can see the slight groove that I shoot for.

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thats how i had this one. then i ran my finger around the edge to smooth it out and ended up taking out more material than i wanted.

that is perfect. what silicone is that

also i noticed i am following you now on instagram. i am yospeedracer, you seem to be everywhere i look. that silicone job you did there, that is the look i am striving for. at least now i know that i can do it, and even make it work.

LOL i posted the pic here and after looking at it i thought it was kinda artsy so i posted it on my IG just now. :smiley:

That silicone beleive it or not is Monkey Snot that had been sitting in my fridge for like 6 months, more than half used up. After the last round I did on a few new throws, I just squoze some to the tip, screw the cap on, left the plunger in, sealed it back up in their lil black bag and put it in the frigde. Too much to throw away at the time, but totally expected it to be stale. Much to my surprize, it was still good enough to use once more, but it was a little thicker than normal. usuallywhen its fresh its like an elmers glue consistency, but this on was a bit thicker due to age so it wasnt perfect and dried a bit faster than I wanted (notice those tiny frayed pieces along the edge? I dont get that with a fresh batch of snot) but it was good enough. I just use q-tips to clean out the bearing seat area and again for inner wall. It sets itself up with that little groove by itself assuming you got enough in there (not too much, but if you do the q-tip usually takes off the right amount if applied too heavily while.) I do it just like Monkeyfinger’s updated video shows. Scroll down my IG a bit and youll see a bunch of CLYW that i did not too long ago. Good flawless results with a new batch, but FYI it can keep if handled right.

i saw that on IG. i just ordered a tube monday. the sealant i used was soooo thick. i did notice the frays, it does look wierd. i watched brandon vu’s vid and what a mess he makes. i did not do mine that way. when the monkey snot gets here, i will redo this and post the new results. thank you so much for showing me your silicone job.

I started following you :wink:

In case you have not seen it, this is how I learned. Clean, clear, easy. :slight_smile:

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i don’t see you

Lol, You see that person in that window over there? That’s not me. I’m just friends with you on Instagram. Nothing creepy :stuck_out_tongue:

So much better using monkey snot.

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PERFECT! man, tomorrow when its fully cured, that will be so good, for so long. :smiley: Good job!