I need a new response for my YYRs


I have a Sliepnir and a Messiah, both of those have improv responses. I silicones my Sliepnir and I am un satisfied with it. My messiah is using Dream-Yo pads, which are fantastic and fit perfectly, but I have been using them since February so they’re pretty numb (but they’re still powerful). Now I don’t want to go as far as to go to yoyostorerewind.com to get new pads.
I have thought of Snow Tires but I not sure if they fit. I have looked at the response on my Confection and they appear the same size as my Sliepnir.
The response in both my YYRs are the same size. What should I get?


How did you silicone it? What did you use?

There are the red, blue and black gasket RTV, and there’s the flowable RTV. Each is a bit different so maybe you haven’t found your preference yet. Maybe you took too much out when siliconing, or maybe you didn’t take out enough?

Also, you may want to contact YYE about alternative responses. That would be my first response after this. They may have something in stock. I myself don’t feel comfortable cutting stuff down.


I used High temp RTV. I’ve actually siliconed it twice because I hoped to make my first attempt better.
But to my disappointment, I find it wears out really quickly and it even concave’s on itself. I have practiced many times and have siliconed it perfectly, but no matter what, I still can’t get it to be like the stock YYR pads.


I don’t have any YYF stuff(yet). I can’t say how deep the recess is. Maybe it’s not deep enough. Maybe you should use flowable. Maybe blue will be better.

Red wears super slow and should last a long time. I’m guessing that maybe the response recess isn’t a good match for what you’re using.

Contact YYE. They’ll advise you what to do next.


Yep its true YYR has really shallow resseses.


so different colors change how long they last?


More than long enough. People tend to measure it in months. Oddly enough, that’s how long they measure pre-made response pads too.


Mine only last a few weeks on my CLYW campfire and PHENOMizm.
Is that normal?
I’m using clear flowable permatex.


No, that is not normal, my flowable silicone lasts about 3 months, it could last longer but I yoyo like a madman, hehe.

Also YYR has extreamly shallow responce groove (unless you get the newest production stuff witch has a deeper recess) and it is basically so you have to get their very adhesive pads. They are extreamly sticky and good but it is so you can only buy their pads, or find some that work with that shallow recess. I hear that general-yo thin hat pads work for YYR yoyos. My dreadnought g was impossible to silicone with flowable…maby high temp rtv could hold better but it is a hassle to deal with.


I yoyo like that as well!
My campfire, I think, has a pretty deep recess and my PHENOMizm and starlite have really shallow recesses.
On my campfire, if I play with it long enough, the whole silicone just rips out.
My starlite, it hardly lasts a week and then it rips out. ( I think because of the superglue I never got off)
And my PHENOMizm its either one or the other or both :stuck_out_tongue: One side the recess still hasn’t been removed of the superglue.


I have had a PHENOM (not the PHENOMizm) but they just take cbc pads and I have siliconed that before many times and will again and have siliconed my phenom, hehe. I think that it just may be your level of siliconing abilitie, to many bubbles, a gap in the silicone, or to high of a silicone job can cause it to wear faster, but I don’t know how good you are at applying silicone.

I don’t go all the way up to the lip of the groove either and it gives me great responce withought being responsive and having to break it in for a while, it all comes with doing ALOT of silicone jobs.


Do you think the recess is the same between the PHENOM and PHENOMizm?
Hmm… You’re probably right about me not so good at siliconing. I fill the groove up until it doesn’t over-overflow then use a card to wipe off excess. I silicone by spinning the yoyo and moving the silicone up and done a little fast.
I think I’ve siliconed all three of my yoyos a grand total of 10 times combined.
When you start to break your silicone in, does the shape of the silicone within the day start to wear down in a concave( or is it convex?) type of silicone with cracks? It’s usually half way worn down
by the end of the week for me.


If there is one thing to do when siliconing then it is to take your time. It might take me a couple minutes to silicone one yoyo, maby about 2 minutes per half witch if you just sit there for two minutes it seems like a long while. I take care in doing my siliconing because I DO NOT want to do it again and wait another day, I have had enough of that. I fill it just a tad more than half way and it has a concave dip in the silicone (KK bearing, concave, that shape) but I want it like that on purpose and that is the natural tendency of a liquid to try and move upward so the sides move upward and the middle dips a bit…I wont get technical and all science guy on you but that is what happens, hehe. Look up capillary action of water and that is basically what I am talking about, hehe.

I don’t have to whipe away the excess anymore because I use very little silicone, I know it looks like it needs more but wait till it levels out and then you will see that you may have allready used to much, hehe. Like I said it is all in doing it over and over.

When I silicone my yoyos there are no bubbles and it is not to high and there are no cracks after a day or two…or a month, it is still a solid ring and holds strong, if it has cracks then playing that yoyo will magnify those cracks and destroy the silicone job. Are you sure you are waiting the full 24 hours ( I wait 26 just to be sure) and are you not touching the silicone at all throughout the curing process, because if you do, then if you press hard enough then you can imprint your fingerprint on it and it can use those grooves to start messing up the silicone.

Everything is more complicated than it seems isn’t it, hehe.


I would assume that the recess is the same in the Phenom, the Phenomizm, Speeer 2, Chaser, DM2, Hitman Pro, XCon Pro and many others. YYJ seems to have very much standardized on their response on most of their yoyos. I have many of these, and before long, I’ll have all of those in that little list.

Follow Slade Riggs advice on siliconing. I just did my modified Sharp(modified to be compatible with flowable). I put a bit too much in. I’m debating rubbing it down with some denim or just yanking it out and redoing it. First time, went well, other than that issue. Not bad! Then again, maybe I need more practice. He’s not complicating things, he’s making you slow down and pay closer attention so that in the end you don’t have to redo things.


Like a meniscus?
So I should fill the silicone all the not way to the top which means I don’t have to wiper excess ff the top?
I usually leave it alone.
I sometimes wait TWO days and it still gives the same results.


Sort of like a meniscus, yeah, sort of. Just don’t fill it to the top and take your time, it is all in taking your time and doing it slowly.