How long are your responses lasting?

I’m just curious. I got my DM2 nearly 8 months ago and today, I opened it up because I was going to swap out the Terrapin X Wing Cut in there for an S/C bearing, and I noticed the response was pretty much shot and needed to be replaced. The annoying part was I just siliconed someone else’s yoyo yesterday, and had I known my DM2 needed a siliconing, I’d have done that as well. The worse part is that I really wanted to play it today and had I done it last night, it would be ready now! It was so tempting to put some YYJ replacement responses in there and just keep on going, but I was determined to silicone this yoyo. Now, granted, I don’t play as much or as heavy or as intense as many of you, but 8 months, man, that’s a pretty decent time for a response system to last. It was still binding nice and tight up until I ripped it out.

So, in general, based on whatever you can recall, how long does your response system seem to last for you before needing to be replaced?

I think I’m gonna start setting aside Friday nights as “Pamela Anderson Night”. That’s the time when I’m gonna do silicone jobs. What will be cool is when I’m doing this for other people, I can bring them back to the on the Saturday yoyo meeting day(looks like Sunday is going to start working better though, but that’s for later).

I gotta say this:
Thanks YYE for informing me about the wonders of flowable silicone! Not that I’m against pre-made response pads, but I like how there is some DIY stuff we “normals” can do. It’s very satisfying to do a good silicone job, especially when I get to play it and enjoy how it performs. I’ve done 10 yoyos to date, so the tube I bought has paid for itself a couple of times over already.

Your responses are at least 99% longer than mine. OHHHHH… Sorry I missed that part about it being a yoyo response :wink: ;D.

I don’t know for certain. I play so many yoyo’s each day it takes a long time to wear out the sili in any given yoyo.


@ studio42 - only 8 months? I’m pretty sure that yoyo is broken. I’ll give you $5 for it and save you having to deal with these sorts of problems with it in the future. :wink:

My experience has been that it really varies. Flowable in a yoyo with a deep recess (like a CLYW) can last a long time - months and months, if you aren’t playing it 5 hours per day … though if you are, then about a month. But in something like a Protostar or an H-Spin, which have rather shallow recesses, flowable might only last a couple weeks. I’ve had Duncan sili pads in a dual pad recessed FHZ for more than 2 years; I’ve played it a TON and they’re still going strong. I actually like pads because they give a very different play experience. I’ve got a pair of textured Kentaro pads in a Crossbones, for example, that seem to give the yoyo a lot more snap than flowable. And I like the way the original Project plays with the .555 pads. They just feel right for that yoyo. But flowable is certainly great stuff, and by far gives the most bang for the buck.

I killed my 888x response(flowable) in about 6 weeks. I had a Singularity that I played just as much and it had pads(most sure on size) that had worn down maybe 5%. I am really liking the OD response too on my Dang. Let’s see how it goes on the Cafe Racer, maybe I’ll switch back to pads over flowable

Only had to silicone three yoyos in my 1.5ish years of play. The only times I have is when I trade for a Yoyo with no response in it. Maybe ive never had a Yoyo long enough to need to replace it’s response, but I have yet to have a response die on me.

I’ve had the Duncan sili pads in my HSPIN G&E 4 for just a little over 2 years. Still going strong. I play that one a lot.

Like the respones pads because there is no wait time pop them in ready to go. I have siliconed yoyos in the past it’s good and does last a little bit longer. In my DMII my pads will last about a month and a half playing everyday for between 3-6 hours.

mine usually wear out in about two months but that’s because i play the heck out of em

I totally agree with the pop and go of pre-made responses. I’m just so into using flowable that I’m really bending over backwards if I can to silicone a yoyo. I just hate the over-night waiting. For me, it’s usually like a 2-day wait because I usually can’t do this until after like 11PM, so by the time the next night rolls around, I’m usually too tired to throw.

As long as it’s lasting me a least a month and/or I like how it feels an plays, I’m fine with it.

I have been using a newer silicone called “The Right Stuff” by Permatex. It comes in a pressurized can, fully cures in about six hours instead of twenty-four, and lasts longer than flowable. In my Raptor, flowable lasted about two weeks and “TRS” lastes about two months. Because it’s in a pressurized can, it also fills the sili grooves much better than regular RTV. I think I’m going to write a review up tomorrow.

The YYJ silicone rings on my DMII lasted 3 months(even though I play 2 hrs a day).

Five monfes

I’ve got a FHZ I recessed going on it’s 4th year. Red Silicone.

sweet thats a long time

I feel like I play a lot, 2-4 hrs a day and on my days off a lot more. :slight_smile:

I have used the Blue RTV, The Snot From MFD, K-pads, Snowtires, and ghost rings.

And I feel like they all wear at a different pace. Id say 4-6 months (i switch yoyo’s a lot though)

My Favorite is the MFD Snot and Snowtires.

It seems like snowtires take forever to wear out, and any throw I have with Snot hasnt needed to be changed yet and I got some of the first batch. It is a whole “to do” though.

I gotta say the peel and stick is nice.

I had a yomega dash tht sucked with pads and I used flow able in it. It still sucked but that’s yomega for ya lol

My dark magic 2 I have yet to silicone because the pads it came with have not died yet but I don’t know if I like them so I’m probably gonna sili them

mine last 3-6 months depending on what response i have

i dont believe that at all, can you give us proof and play like a hour a day each day and see how worn down they get :stuck_out_tongue:

About a month

The response in my Di Base lasted about 2 months.