Flowable Silicone?

So I am going to make my last order before WYYC pretty soon, and I was going to get some pads to make sure that my throws don’t get a case of slippy binds before or during the event. But then it hit me - flowable silicone is WAY cheaper than pads, plus I hear it is an AWESOME response. I have been watching some how-to videos on the process of siliconing, and I feel that I could certainly do it.

I have a few questions about it though:

Should I get Monkey Snot or just the generic Permatex Flowable Silicone available on the site?
How does it compare to a response like CBC Slim Pads, or other common pads?
Is the installation process as easy as it seems?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

You can get Permatex flowable at a local auto parts store. Just get the correct number: 81730 and you can get it done today.
I don’t need fancy colors for my response pads. Either way you go, be it the Permatex or Monkey Snot, I think these are often better than some stock pads. I’ll usually go with flowable as my go-to solution when pads need replacing.

Depending on the yoyo(assuming it is compatible), I often prefer flowable over the stock pads.

Installation is fairly straight forward. Flow it in, remove any bubbles with a needle, scrape off the excess(before it starts curing, you got like 15 minutes or more, so no need to rush). Make sure you remove your bearing first. If you get any in the bearing seat, wait until it cures and then clean-up will be fast and easy.

Now, if you’re competing, I would recommend replaceable pads, only because if something fails, you can just swap pads and keep on going, no need to wait 24 hours for the flowable to cure. You might also want some pads for “just in case” quick changes.

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Everything Studio42 said I think is spot on. It’s incredibly easy to use, and apart from the 24 hour time constraint, it’s an excellent response. I think that I prefer, which I wanted to add to this discussion, is that it is really consistent. Different pads give you really different results, but flowable gives you the same response every time. And for ease of use I prefer MonkeySnot. The small package and syringe-type applicator is helpful, and I feel less bad if they dry out because there’s only a few throws worth in each syringe. The colors are interesting, but in no way make or break the deal.

If you get bubbles just put a desk lamp over it which will heat the air cause it to rise and it seems to give the silicone a slightly firmer final product that lasts longer.

I am starting to rethink siliconing my collection…especially since I will probably be able to afford several pairs of pads now. I might would rather just be able to switch response really quickly when it is worn, especially at WYYC.

How about you just get monkey snot and a couple pairs of pads… The pads for when you need a quick change and monkey snot when your not on the rush…

That’s mostly how I think except I am not that fond of Monkey Snot. I think having some pre-made responses on hand is always a smart thing to have available.

In general, I find response pads tend to last a few months, while silicone lasts almost as long. Stuff can always happen. Might as well have a few pads around for just in case moments. Also have a few spare yoyos around for the same reason.

Also note that not all throws have a deep enough recess for flowable!

How durable is Flowable silicone 1 min? 30 min? 1 hour? 12 hours? 24 hours? 48 hours? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months? 12 months? 1 year!?

Normally Flowable would last me 2 months, and red RTV a little less than 4 months.

Assuming that flowable is compatible with your yoyo, the amount of time the response lasts should be similar to a pre-made response pad. Depending on how you play, this could be shorter or longer. Also, you need to let the silicone cure for the full 24 hours before playing it. It DOES make a huge difference. Longer is fine, but really, anything longer than 30 hours is most likely a waste of time. 27 hours is even pushing it. 24 hours seems long, but it’s not that bad.

For me, assuming non-stop heavy play, a set of YYJ o-ring silicone response pads will last me 3-4 months per pair. Using flowable, I get close to those numbers, but not quite. However, if I use flowable in an off-string, I tend to have poor results, but I think that’s because in an off-string with things like open-whip binds, we’re asking a lot more out of our response pads. I siliconed my Fiesta XX and that job got yanked out within 4 days, but they came out clean. I think partially due to the fact that the yoyo is celcon had something to do with it.

I have siliconed 5 of my 7 Classics. 2 of them see heavy play. I have Classics set up differently. I need 2 more Classics, which will use response pads and one will be slim bearing and the other YYJ Speed bearing.

Also, factors such as “did you recess it” and what kind of string you use also play factors. Rougher string will wear the response pad faster. If you failed to recess it, it’s possible the string could tear tiny bits out, but this won’t be immediately, it will be more as the flowable is starting to wear out and is breaking down. Usually this only happens when you do a bad job with bubbles in it.

As I am rotating around a large collection, responses last a long time.

I’m considering flowable myself but how do I know if the recess is deep enough, I’d assume it it’s deep enough for a normal 19mm pad not to poke out.

and I’m curious has anyone considered using flowable to pre make pads themselves for fast swapping???

Yoyos that can fit a 19mm pad without sticking out is good for siliconing. It would be troublesome to use pre-made pads, if even possible although .555 pads can be made with some work(google baz/chaz pads if you are interested).

You could do that, but the problem is ripping them out cleanly, and then you have to use something to glue them in place. Plus, for the hassle(24 hours per pair or per pair per yoyo, I try to silicone a few at a time as it makes sense when I bust out the flowable), then it starts making sense to carry some pre-made pads. I still buy pre-made pads, but I don’t mind siliconing my yoyos. When I travel, I carry pre-made pads so in case something should go out on me, I am ready to go.

Absolutely, I totally intend to buy some pads to keep around, I was mostly just curious as to how do-able it might be, 'cause I’ve been considering giving it a fiddle just for kicks and was curious if it had already been done, or if it had been tried but deemed beyond any reasonable practicality (not that practicality has ever been my strong suit :stuck_out_tongue: )

And thanks Hebooz, I’ll look into it

My silicone is all frayed and falling out and weird after 1 week.

What yoyo did you put it in?

Is the silicone old or relatively fresh when opened?

What string were you using?

Did you wait a full 24 hours for it to cure before you played?

I put it in my g funk, i first opened the silicone tube in the begginning of july, so im not sure if thats “old” or not, and i was using YYE 100% poly.

Check your work. July? That’s fresh. I’m using stuff older than that with no issues. But, is it the same stuff that you can get from the YYE site? You might be using the wrong kind of stuff.

YYE 100% poly is fine. It’s not the string.

I’m guessing there were bubbles and/or you didn’t remove enough excess and as a result, it didn’t recess. Another thing you didn’t mention is if you waited the 24 hours for it to cure or not. If you don’t, you’ll be guaranteed problems with the silicone coming out.