Monkey Snot, Flow able silicone, or Pads

Need to do some replacing of some old pads, what are the advantages or disadvantages of each.

Flowable is easy and the best way to go. It does not last that long but the tubes are big and 4.00. I have not used Monkey Snot, but I’ve heard the tubes dry up. As for replacement pads, Flowable And Monkey Snot. Fit in every yoyo that has a good groove. If you like the pads the yoyo came with better then buy replacements. It’s just more expensive to buy vs. Sili or Snot.

 I would go with Flowable. IMO I use it and love it. 

If you do Auto Parts Stores Carry Them, I Recommend Permatex Flowable. (sold here YYE)

I use pads. Fast, quick, easy, just a little more expensive than how long flow able will get you.

Good luck!

I use monkey snot they fixed the fact that the tubes dry out and when all the snot is home you can fill it up with regular silicon

I have a tube of flowable silly and love it, but make sure u dont cut to much of the tip off of the tube like my friend did and now way to much comes out at once :P… but other than that its great and cheap. :wink:

I prefer pads, especially since i dont have many yoyos, it sucks when i have to wait 24 hours to let it dry every couple weeks.

Dang… you must play way harder than me! I think every 6 months (or even longer) is enough for me between applying flowable.

I usually play the same yoyo for at least 2 hours everyday. Haha

go to your local 99 cent store and pick up some permatex silicone.
it’ll look like that. colour doesn’t matter, unless you want to heat your yoyo to 600 degrees. then go with red. (red is also easier to see excess, depending on what colour the yoyo is of course)
it takes 24 hours to cure, but will likely last months.

Flowable is best。if you don’t wana learn how to apply or wait, get pads. Pads are just Expensive.

It really comes down to how many yoyos you need to silicone, but in the end silicone is much cheaper.

I have the blue version of this, but I have had trouble applying it since it does not flow. Is there any trick to applying this well?

The way i do it is i first get the silicone in the groove, then you use a guitar pick and go around it and
smooth it out.

that’s what I do. just put it in the groove, then take a spoon to remove excess. wait for it to dry a little bit, and then remove anything else that’s not in the groove.

You must have gotten Adhesive.

Not all silicone sealant is self leveling.

Thank you for the video. That helps a lot. So do you suggest that the amount of silicone coming out of the tube be wider than the gap you are trying to fill? Thanks again.

Not by much. You want a little extra to be able to smooth it out.

Adhesive is not, I got RTV Adhesive and BOY! That was money down the drain. But Flowable works perfectly

I’ve used pads and flowable. Both seem to work the same for me. Just about time and cost. Ones quick and cost more. One is slow and cheaper. I watched one video on you tube and knocked it out of the park my first time go. My yoyo is spinning great and coming back on q.