Flowable Silicone

Hey Guys

I am waiting for an order of flowable silicone. Is this good stuff to put in all yoyos? I have a damaged Yuuksta which the O-Rings grew, and I was gonna put this stuff into it. I also have a well functioning 888x, should I take out the O-Rings and put in this stuff?? What is this flowable silicone’s advantages?


I just don’t understand how the silicone pads (not o-rings by the way) grew…

Flowable silicone is great. It gives tight binds and lasts a pretty long time. It’s easy to apply and relatively cheap too. Many yo-yoers use this stuff on their yo-yos, and it performs really well. If you want, you can put the silicone in your 888x. I would suggest learning how to apply silicone first. There are many tutorials on YouTube.

silicone pads can expand if you get lube in them. They basically absorb it like a sponge and don’t shrink back down.

It’s not really necessary to take out the pads of your 888. Just replace them once they wear out.

For future purposes, you can go to a 99 cents story and pick up some rtv silicone. looks like this

Thanks Guys! Can’t wait to get my Yuuksta up and running again!!

u should try the monkeyfinger monkey snot, i’m planning to get it for my h2o; it looks pretty cool cause its made specifically for yoyos.

This is the only silicone I use since it really is self leveling when done right plus the syringe applicator is easy to use. It comes in all sorts of colors and I have siliconed 6 throws on a single tube of this stuff so one order of three tubes will go far.

The nice thing about silicone is that it allows you to customize your response meaning you can make it flash or recessed depending on your style and preference. In some of my throws I go for a normal recess where in others with a smaller gap I go with a deeper recess.

With silicone done properly you’ll get tight binds, more consistent binds and a shorter break in period in my opinion. The Monkeysnot lasts a long time as well. I played my first Evil Yo everyday for a few months before changing the silicone and more than likely it could have gone longer.

For the YYF’s imo i’d stick with the CBC pads, they really arn’t that expensive, and you can carry a few around in your wallet and change if you need to whilst your out and about.

I’m not knocking silicone at all, but for me, the hassle isn’t worth it, and i end up changing my silicone every few weeks anyway. If you can get a silicone pad to fit, buy them instead.

i found that Monkey snot was kind of silly, since you’re the only one who can see the silicone, and after a few uses, my syringes all apparently had oxygen leaks and all three are now solid on the outside with a small bit of usable silicone on the inside if you really work at it. at first i was impressed with the syringes, but i feel like their design just isn’t airtight enough. i tightened them as much as i could, and rotated them every few weeks to avoid settling like it said, but to no avail. my plain old silicone, however, hasn’t had this problem.

They said they improved it.

Maybe I am playing too much, but flowable in my DM2 only seems to last about a 2 months. However, I don’t mind siliconing it as needed. Last time though, I found out too late an popped some YYJ response pads in there. I’ll start checking response pads on Wednesdays from now on so I can silicone them and be ensured they are good to go on the weekends!

Does that mean that YYE has the improved version, or if i order more will it have the same problem?

They guys at MFD sent me several tubes and I did have one of them dry out. So far though, I’ve purchased about 6 tubes from YYE and not a single one has dried out.