Silicone Help

So I have bought black silicone to use for pads whenever they wear out. So far, I have repadded about 13 or so throws but there’s always the same problem with them. On the inner side, closest to the bearing, the pad wears out very fast, within a day or 2 and within a week the yoyo won’t bind. What am doing wrong? What could I do to fix my silicone problem?

I personally never had good results with the black colored silicone. I too had the same issue. I use to use the clear color 3 years ago and if I recall correctly, that worked better. I’m going to try out the red next to see how it works.

I’ve used the red. It lasted me a couple weeks, but that’s still way to short of a time for my tastes.
I just use pads now.

PM me if you want some recommendations on pads.

Try different brands, they kinda wear out differently.

I’m considering flowable in the future, but I’m still not convinced that it will save me any money.
And I know it’s more trouble than a pad.

It’s worth it. From one tube of silicone that cost about $8 or so I was able to pad about 13 times for both sides. I still have about 20-30 more times if I save it properly. If anything, it’s more worth it to buy silicone from a yoyo specific company like MFD Monkey Snot, which I shall be getting soon.

Just don’t get black.

Personally, I only use silicone for yoyos that has different pad size than what commonly used (which are a little more difficult to find), or when I prefer how it plays on certain yoyos over pads.
A pair of pads are only like Rp 15000 - 25000 here (about 1-2 usd). Silicone doesn’t save money that much if you also consider that they wear out faster than pads, kinda less reliable overall since sometimes they suddenly rip out, and takes quite an effort; apply, wait to cure, cleaning up, breaking in. And chances that some tiny silicone marbles entering the bearing in the process.
I used to be a diehard silicone user, because I like the tight yet soft grip it has compared to the slippery hard pads. Now I just adapt.

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How do you keep it from drying out?

Seal tightly and store it in the refrigerator.

Maybe I’ll try flowable one day then.

I was dumb and made the mistake of not putting it in the frig. I tried using it and I ended up getting a silicone cone, molded from the applying cone. It took me 30 minutes to get through the dry silicone to the wet silicone to use.

No need to risk poisoning your food lol, just put a little screw or nail on the hole and cap over it.

Keeping it in the refrigerator will not affect your food. Lots of fishermen keep meal worms in the refrigerator as well.

Yeah, we actually keep all the MonkeyfingeR Monkey Snot in a little mini fridge here at the office. It will harden eventually if you leave it out, even if it’s capped.

Permatex flowable silicone (clear) is really the only thing you should be using besides monkey snot

Really? I didn’t know that! Always wondered why it would randomly harden even when I had it closed up well… Good to know!

That’s why we get the big bucks.

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May I ask why you say this?

Oh I bet :wink: made my day right there. :slight_smile:

Permatex is what I always use.

Because it simply works the best