This is probably a common question in yoyoing. But it is definitely a good poll. So, what silicone do you like to use/apply/buy? Flowable silicone that comes in a bottle (you have to apply). Or silicone pads that are already made (you just have to place in recess). ?

Gasket maker is my favorite. Pads are nice too, as long as they aren’t silly slim silicone groove pads.

I love pads. I really don’t mind the extra cost if I can just peel one off and slap it in my yoyo. Applying silicone is a real challenge for me, I just don’t like the hassle :slight_smile:

thanks for voting and explaning :slight_smile:

I like to use RTV but its basically the same a flowable siliocone, a single tube of silicone can last you for ages and its cheap as chips for a tube, whereas pads are an on going cost when you have to constantly buy replacements when they wear out.

As mrcnja would say, flowable IS rtv.

i like RTV
cheaper… :stuck_out_tongue:

need more votes!! Keep voting! :slight_smile:

While I’ll acknowledge the bonuses of Flowable Silicone, it’s just not for me. I prefer being able to carry a package of replacement stickers in my pocket and be able to change one out quickly in just a few seconds.

…How frequently does that happen that you need to change pads on the go?

Are you sure that your not mistaking with friction stickers?

Well where it does ALSO apply to Friction Stickers. It can apply to Silicone as well. Unless you check everytime before leaving the house with a Yo-Yo in hand. Which I don’t. I tend to just grab and go… and I may find out later that the pad has worn out. It’s certainly less frequent then the old Friction Stickers (unless I’m using my Speed Beetles), but still happens.

I was just giving a reason for why I had my preference, which basically boils down to simplicity.

okay, cool