Jekyll & Hyde need your help!


Wilson and I are debating on which to use. We of course still have to ask MFD to use their response if that’s the choice, I don’t think that will be a problem. We decided against pads for now, we didn’t enjoy them in the Lunar Wind.


I completely agree about changing up the response system on the LunarWind. However, I’m not sure you’ll see any great difference between flowable and MonkeySnot. I would think either of these would be a good choice. Using MonkeySnot may make the process of siliconing the yoyos more expensive for you.

(2Sick Joey) #3

Monkey snot is too expensive.


Agreed. Just go with a regular tube of silicone. It’s cheaper and does the same thing.


Have you thought about pads? You could probably get them for cheap if you buy them in bulk.


“We decided against pads for now, we didn’t enjoy them in the Lunar Wind.”


Oops, sorry, didn’t see that. But I think Monkey Snot would be good, if you could afford to spend the extra money on it.


Monkey Snot, however only so you can do some color combination with your newer throws. Although if you don’t care for matching colors then yeah just use good ol’ flow-able silicone. :wink:


Monkey snot, it’s what i use :stuck_out_tongue: you could use the snot color that matches each colorway :smiley:


It might just add unnecessary cost to the production of the yoyo. If it’s going to do the same as regular flowable silicone i don’t see a reason to use it. It may match with the yoyo’s colorway and that’s cool an all, but not many people will be looking at the yoyo’s response while it’s in play. When it’s not in play the string will probably be wrapped around the bearing and you probably wouldn’t be able to see the response. Just use the regular stuff :slight_smile:


I don’t know about you guys but I love to look at my response on a regular basis ;D

And I’d much rather look at bright pearl green than clear boringness… :smiley:


I’ll give this a few more days before I close the poll. Looks like flowable is a clear winner so far though!


I see what you did there.




Did that help? ^


OHHHHHHH :smiley:


They should pour Monkey Snot into pads… That would be awesome.


Flowable wins! Thanks for your help guys, we appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Owen) #19

Make it come with snot but let it accept flowable. Like yomagic said, snot IS expensive so if you want to keep the prices lower flowable would be the way to go.


Everyone that said flowable chose it because they said it was cheaper, but if money isn’t a problem just get snot, it’s more colorful :smiley: