what kind of response pad do you use and which ones are the best ones?


Im trying to get some response pad that dont wear out quickly so i firgured that you guys can tell me what kinds of response pads should i get? Im currently using yoyofactory blue response pads.


I use CLYW snow pads now
I also use monkey snot flowable silicone
it depends what size pads yu need for the yo


depends on the yoyo.
you won’t really be able to just go with one response pad if you have several brands of yoyo.


IrPads, IrPads in every throw :slight_smile:


I prefer thick hat pads. You get good binds with no snag during horizontal play.


Agreed. IrPads or flowable silicone in everything.



I’m all about quality performance at minimum expense… For this, flowable silicon cannot be beat.


Whenever I need to replace the response on any of my yoyos I use monkey snot silicon
Its much harder than other silicons and lasts fir a very long time!
(Flowable also lets you tailor the response for each yoyo)


I frikkin love monkey snot
I put it in the most yos that don’t take
snow tires ;D

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Plain old flowable silicon. It’s cheap and works like a dream.


how is monkey snot compared to just regular flowable silicone??


RTV of the red variety when time is no issue. Otherwise whatever fits will work in a pinch. There is something special on an older throw with half Hat Pad and half Dif pad though.


Great answers here. I am new to throwing, and haven’t had to replace my response pads yet. I’ll definitely pick up some monkey snot with my next order.


Make sure yu get an extra
takes some practice to get the
silicone to be nice n even
I mastered it in my 5 try :slight_smile:


Snow tires are my favorite.


The response is about as good as flowable. I’d say monkey snot is a little softer, and it doesnt last quite as long as flowable

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Incidentally, here’s a link for how to use flowable silicon. I don’t bother with the syringe, and I’ve had great luck.