Favorite Response Type...?

I’m curious if the type of response in a yo-yo will make or break your purchase of a particular yo-yo, and if so, why…?

No, if it works it works. If not then I’m going to change it. ;D

Must be nice to have the know how in that area ;). I know some response is more expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for with things too.

I’ll use about anything, but I really like cbc pads and flow groove.

Why do you prefer those types most?

One drop silicone pads tied with flowable are both my favorites. One drop pads because they are easy to use and play just like flowable, and flowable because it works in a ton of yoyos.

Coming in second are duncan silicone pads. I’ve used quite a few pads and honestly duncan sili pads are super cheap, long lasting, and consistent.

Honorable mention goes to o ring response because it never has to be replaced and actually plays pretty darn well.

Are you quicker to buy based on the response types mentioned above…or not really a factor?

I normally just use flowable.

But, if it doesn’t work in that yoyo I just use that type.

I prefer it whenever possible that the yoyo I am going to purchase can use flowable or other RTV silicone products. I’m not opposed to buying replacement responses pads, but sometimes, some companies can be a bit difficult when it comes to support after the sale by not making their replacement pads readily available or discontinuing the pad and/or yoyo and then dropping support for it. Last thing I want to do is buy an expensive yoyo, then by the time I wear out the response, find out there’s no replacement pads for it.

I think more companies are moving in the direction of it not a standardized response recess, then at least a response recess deep enough and wide enough to be able to take RTV silicone products. Giving users options is good thing. At the same time, there’s been times where I don’t have 24+ hours to wait for a my flowable to cure, so it’s nice to have some replacement response pads ready to go in quickly as well. Those are the kind of options I like.

…so anyway Shadowz, makes sense to me.

Yoyojam o rings and shinwoo p pads. Both are long lasting, and work well.

I have some blue pads in a Shinwoo Zen 4, seem to work great, bet those are the ones you speak of. Seems you go for low maintenance response, something that will last awhile. But, will that affect your purchase if the response in a yo-yo is otherwise?

The p pads are similar…they are the clear ones. Sometimes the response will throw me off of a yoyo if it can’t have the p pads.

Slim K pad size or bust.

I use red cbc pros.

I see, just looked it up, the ones in Zen4 are rubber response ones.

So tell me why those work best for you?

I’ve just discovered Flow Groove pads. I love them! ;D They always seem to have nice, snappy binds that don’t catch.

I’m a fan of Flow Groove pads, but they are too deep to use in most of my yoyos.

Textured Gen pads are currently my go-to in my older SPYYs, but they don’t fit in my Addict or MKII, unfortunately. I use thin/thick Dif pads in those. My MKII has two thins, and my Addict has a thin and a thick.

In anything else, I just use blue or clear RTV. Clear is softer and binds better, blue lasts longer but gets real slippy.

General Yo Hat Pads! Also CBC Slim Pads.

It’s whatever, I really don’t care what I use. As long as it does it’s job. But one thing I will not use is YYJ O-Rings. Those SUCK.

hat pads. They’re responsive when you want them to be, and have a very snappy bind.
Next to these it’s just good ol’ flowable silicone. Also offers nice snappy binds, just it requires a little break in.

The type of response in a yoyo is 99/100 times not a factor in whether or not I’ll get it. The only except (I can think of) would be if the yoyo has friction stickers, and is difficult to mod to put in a recess deep enough for flowable.