Best response pads?

What is the best response (in your opinion) other then Flow Groove pads?

Is the MonkeyfingeR monkey snot any good? Id love to get some but I cant find it in stock anywhere.

Flowable silicone.

Do you not like flow groove pads?

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Well, it really depends. Flow Groove Pads are fairly exclusive to One Drops, but I know there’s a few other yoyos that are compatible with these. I don’t think its really a fair question to ask like that.

Some yoyos don’t use response pads. Some use silicone or friction stickers. Some use really thin response pads that aren’t compatible with anything other than the intended response offering unless you’re going to have it modified.

Some yoyos have some flexibility as to what they are compatible with in regards to pre-made response products.

Then on top of that, of what yoyos that are compatible with an RTV silicone product, then you’re limiting the choices.

Of yoyos that I can silicone, I prefer flowable silicone. Please keep in mind flowable is a type of RTV product.

i like permatex flowable silicone and permatex black rtv silicone

The OP asked for opinions on response for yo-yos that have a response area that will accept flow groove pads. Flow groove pads are an easy way to not have to use flowable silicone. RTV is indeed another option.

Lots of words do not a good post make. :slight_smile:

Sometimes more is less.

And sometimes a post made without being fully thought out needs more thorough explanation. The OP did not ask of the yoyo was compatible with Flow Groove pads, only what else was good OTHER than Flow Groove pads.

I think a lot of people should put just a teeny bit more thought into some of their questions.

Or their responses.

You didn’t get from the OP that this was a question about a yo-yo with a flow groove pad?

This isn’t about a yoyo with Flow Groove Pads. I have a lot of them and I’d like to experiment a little bit with my response.

i personally prefer the flow groove response because its the bomb for moebius.but im sad it only fits onedrop yoyos because i would love to see these on thing like yoyofactory/ yoyojam/ and extc. sorry if i spelled moebius wrong.


Then I apologize.

I’m still fond of response pads. Chaz pads, dif pads, etc. are just so convenient.

Pre-made response pads are a lot more convenient. As end-users, we have to pay for this convenience, but I’m not complaining about that. Remove an backing, stick it in the yoyo, smooth it down, keep on throwing.

Plus, consider that CLYW, known for using RTV in their yoyos, has switched to using their own response pads, called Snow Tires. Granted, with practice, you can bust through a lot of yoyos using various RTV silicones, but you have to allocate cure time, mess clean-up and everything that goes with the having to “DIY” aspect of it. ti’s faster to place in a pad and keep the assembly process moving. Their yoyos are still compatible with silicone. As a company trying to get yoyos to market, I’d be in favor of a pre-made offering I can insert into the yoyo. Then, let the user decide what they want to do.

Also, notice that on the YYE site, many yoyos they list what you need to look for in a replacement response. This gives you in some cases 3 choices: Option 1 being the factory recommended part. Option B being a third party replacement(which is probably a factory part for another brand). Option 3 is to “DIY” using an RTV product, which then opens up the whole red vs blue vs black vs flowable(and now One Shot Monkey Snot, which I think is colored flowable).

But some yoyos are NOT compatible with flowable silicone and must use something like a friction sticker or silicone sticker. Others use a very shallow response recess, such as the above mentioned sticker yoyo, or use a very shallow response pad/ring. Of course, with proper modifications, many yoyos can be made compatible with RTV. For a modder to make a yoyo compatible with a specific type of response may be a bit of a challenge, but it can be done. My RecRev Sharp used General Yo thin hat pads, which are super SUPER thing. I had this yoyo sent off to be modified to be compatible with flowable silicone, and I think by pure coincidence, the new silicone recess matches the YYJ silcone O-ring replacement responses, so I actually ended up with an unexpected option of more choices for responses for that yoyo.

Plus, let’s look at down-sides:
With pads, if you’re out, you’re screwed. Order more and wait. If you compete, you want to be well prepared so if you go this route, no doubt you’ve got a few extra sets. This is also your best option for when you’re out and about. It’s not lazy buying extra response pads, it’s just extra money.
With RTV products, including flowable, there’s a dry time and a longer cure time. The cure time for many flowable silicone products is 24 hours. That’s a killer if you’re competing, but the odds are you’ll have done this a few days ahead of time. Other RTV products have cure times as short as 3 hours, which doesn’t really matter when time is not on your side. As far as costs, if you’re doing a bunch of yoyos at once, or even one at a time, the cost per yoyo is easily a 10th or betterthan that of response pads. One $5 or so tube can easily to 50 yoyos if you can minimize waste. But, even if you can only do 4-5 yoyos, you still come out ahead.

I’d say to anyone willing to take a chance, try something else. The worst case is you don’t like it.

No problem.

I think general-yo gen-pads fit but I could be wrong. Honestly I don’t think that different pads make a huge difference. Most pads are the same thing but with a different name (ex. theory pads-flow groove).

Edit: Does werrd sell replacement pads? I they do those would work too.
-Studio42, for next time friction stickers are called 555 pads.