Response Pads?


Ok so my response pads are coming off my DM2. Should i just buy the generic yoyojam replacements or are there any that are better that i could buy?


Did you like how the pads worked?
Also if it was me I would likly just use flowable silicone.
But if you liked how they work then why get somthing differnt?
If not, people could probably suggest other pads but you need to tell us what you didn’t like about these? Bind too tight? too loose? didn’t last long, lasted too long?


People say ir pads are amazing but there expensive. I don’t know why you shouldn’t just buy the generic pads


Well how long should a general response pads last because these pads only lasted about a month. Also i just wanted to know my options before i buy them because im new to yoyoing.


I’d buy a tube of Permatex flowable silicone and silicone the yoyo whenever you need it done. Never need pads again*!

(*Not true. Some yoyos aren’t compatible with the silicone products so they do need pre-made response pads. However, for all others, this is a viable option!)


Any reasons why some would not accept flowable? I’ve never tried silicone.


Yes. Some recesses are too shallow. For example, if the yoyo uses a General Yo Thin had pad, it won’t take flowable. Case and point is my RecRev Sharp.

Also, any yoyo that uses a silicone sticker respnonse will also be too shallow to accept flowable, in addition to it being too wide to last any length of time, it will be ripped to nothing immediately.
It seems you need at least 1mm of dept(or more) to be able to be deep enough to hold flowable or other silicone products.