Response systems

Currently I’ve been using flowable silicon, but it’s so annoying to replace, because it takes forever! I hate how if it falls out of my favorite flow, there goes a whole day of throwing it. I’ve also had my tube of silicon dry up so many times even when capping it. So whats the next best response to flowable? Right now, I’m most interested in the token, n12, t5, and dark magic 2.

Pads & o-rings are the alternative. People use silicone to avoid buying new pads.

There are soo many brands and types. Any suggestions?


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Which yoyo are you trying to silicone? Maybe it simply doesn’t have a deep enough response recess to properly hold the silicone in there.

my token is the one i’ve had problems with. I’m thinking of just switching to ir pads because they will probably last longer anyways.

What is the silicone you’re using? I think you might want to scratch up the inside of your Token’s repsonse recess so the silicone can grip in there more.

I haven’t siliconed my Token yet. I haven’t had the need to. It is an item I was planning to silicone when the time comes.

It’s the silicon I purchased from this site. I considered scratching it up, but I just couldn’t get myself to do that. Is there a perfered type of silicon out there now?

I agree flow able is a pain but you gotta do what you gotta do.

The blue yyf pads are my favorite, followed by tan, then white. Haven’t tried any others

I find IRpads a bit grippy for my liking. Tan (Natural) YYF pads are my personal weapon of choice. :slight_smile:

when ever I buy new response pads for a certain yoyo lets say the Summit I go to the summit page on YYE and look at the specs where the response is listed I see the summit takes CLYW Snow tires so I go to CLYWs page and buy some snow tiers same with any other throw

I’d like to know about this:

Can you silicone a Mighty Flea?

Yes, you can. I would recommend the Flea-sized K-pads though as they’ll last longer.

I and many others have found good results with Permatex flowable silicone. It’s the “windshield” sealant and says flowable on the package. YYE carries it:

It appears YYE is also carrying VerstaChem, which seems to have gotten good results.

Not all throws need specialized pads. CLYW’s and One Drops are compatible with flowable. However, if one wants to buy a pre-made pad and isn’t entirely sure what to get, how you’re doing it is really one of the best methods. If that fails or you’re not sure, then asking for help is best.

permatex is what I was using. Is there any way to really prevent the tube drying up?

Does anyone know what kind of pads,if any, fit into the ILYY St.Eel?

This is why it’s good to have more than one yo! :wink:


Push the contents up until it’s just coming out of the opening, then replace the normal cap. The top will skin, the rest will be fine.

I don’t use the included nozzle, it’s just a big product waster. I transfer the silicone into an infant oral syringe before applying to a yoyo. This prevents waste and gives me more control.

Bit of off topic, Thanks for posting this thread… I am having the same problem with a YYF WHIP, But now I don’t have to post a thread…

(To the admins, This might want to be sticky thread… lots of good information/help has been posted here)

I’m going to give silicon another try :slight_smile: though i’ll probably throw some YYF pads into my token so it’ll last longer and i won’t have to unscrew it as much and risk stripping the axle or whatever.