Flowable silicone

Does anyone know what is a good long lasting flowable silicone to serve as response pads? The one I have now is the one sold on yye but the response pads made by it fall out after just a couple hours of use.

I have always used this of Versachem … with excellent results (but the best for me remains the Motorsil D Arexons)

Ok cool thanks! Whats the one in the picture called?

Being as he’s in Italy, you probably can’t get the same brand here. Go to your local auto parts store and get a tube of Permatex flowable silicone windshield and glass sealer. Be sure to clean the groove well before applying.

one of the photo is the Versachem flowable silicone … is I’m in Italy but being this silicone Made in USA I think is more likely to find it to you !!! ;D (I’ve bought in the UK)
(the Mortorsil you find anywhere in the world)

Is that why its falling out!? I’m using permatex as of now but I dont clean the grooves because I figured its flowable and will fill up all available space…

You need to clean the groove each time. Makes it stick better. Also, what is the yoyo? Not all of them have a deep enough groove to hold the silicone. If it originally came with pads the groove may be too shallow to hold it good.

You may be able to find the Versachem silicone at an autoparts store as well. As persson noted, it is made here.

Monkeyfinger monkey snot works fine, I had the same thing happen to my response, I just scratched the response area and put the stuff in again and it has been working fine. I got generic silicone and it fell out too, my guess is that all silicone will do that if it doesn’t have sufficient grip.

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It fell out of me reccess diplomat and 2sickyoyos knight. I tried cleaning the grooves this time but there was still a bit of gunk left in it that I couldnt get out. Any tips to getting it all out?

You need to use some sort of tool to scrape it all out. You might want to scratch the surface of the grove a bit. Sometimes that helps it hold better. WRT the yoyos themselves, they both use slim pads so the groove may not be deep enough to hold the silicone very good.

I would scrub the response area with dawn dish soap or a similar DEGREASING soap. Grab a bottle of it, get an old toothbrush and really clean the dickens out of it. Using a fingernail to scrap it out isn’t enough to really clean the surface and I’ve never had to rough up the surface for it to stick. Scrub it, rinse it, dry it, and goop it.


Brother with the recommendation of Motorsil-D is speaking the gospel, but it’s a chore to source stateside. It’s really not worth the hassle considering that a tube of the stuff will cost about $10-20. ILYY uses it as their response goop of choice.

He thought, until a couple of years ago I bought in at the Spanish Store paying € 5.9 to the tube! then they increased the price even there … :frowning:

I think I’ve tried at least 20 different types of silicones in the course of my experience and I consider Motorsil-D the best for the following advantages:

  • It is a self-leveling silicone, then tends to expel any air bubbles created
  • Dries extremely quickly, after only 20 minutes you can remove the excess and after 40-60 minutes the yoyo is again playable
  • Gives the yoyo a sweet and smooth response
  • Very slowly consumes allowing duration (with average playing time) a few months.

p.s. the Motorsil Black, it is a whole other thing … totally different, with long drying times, too soft and easily consumable… I don’t recommend it